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  1. Photograph: Filip Wolak
    Photograph: Filip Wolak

    Haleem with masala naan at Pippali

  2. Photograph: Filip Wolak
    Photograph: Filip Wolak

    Chicken thali at Pippali

  3. Photograph: Filip Wolak
    Photograph: Filip Wolak

    Tawa scallops at Pippali

  4. Photograph: Filip Wolak
    Photograph: Filip Wolak

    Quail at Pippali

  5. Photograph: Filip Wolak
    Photograph: Filip Wolak


Pippali opens in Gramercy

Peter Beck—of Michelin-starred Tamarind—elevates Indian cuisine at this upscale Curry Hill restaurant.


At Michelin-starred Tamarind, chef Peter Beck helped lift New York’s Indian fare from the confines of crumpled takeout menus and all-you-can-eat buffets. The Mumbai-born toque—who put in a stint at Benares after leaving Tamarind in 2012—is back at it, boosting his native cuisine with this upmarket Curry Hill restaurant outfitted with a marble bar, chocolate leather banquettes and amber-lit drum lamps. Named after the tongue-tingling long pepper, the 60-seat spot highlights contemporary Indian fare: lamb haleem stew with cracked wheat and roti; black-pepper duck breast with lentil-rice pancakes; and samudri arisi, a seafood paella–biryani hybrid. Saffron-infused mango mousse and cardamom pudding are sweet caps to the meal, and a globe-spanning wine list—including an Indian varietal—is also available. See the menu below. 129 E 27th St between Park Ave South and Lexington Ave (212-689-1999)


Mudda Pappu, $7
Roasted pigeon peas, tomatoes and curry leaves with rice lentil dumplings.

Chapli Shorba, $7
Chicken soup with Indian style sausage, leeks and fennel.

Konju Kanji, $8
Carrot ginger soup stewed with shrimp, mustard and pepper crispy noodles.

Dabeli, $7
Cumin coriander potato on a bun, topped with coconut, sev, pome and grapes.

Somosa, $7
Spinach and lentils in pastry served with orange chutney.

Thalipeeth, $8
Crisp, soft tapioca, gram flour, peanut tikki with kadi (mildly spiced yogurt sauce).

Anjeeri Tikki, $8
Roasted beet and carrot patties stuffed with fig and mint.

Seedai Pakodi,$8
Onion, spinach and cauliflower fritters with cranberry chutney.

Papri Chat, $8
Crisps topped with potatoes, chickpeas in a yogurt, mint tamarind sauce.

Bhel, $8
Rice crispies topped with onion, tomatoes, cilantro and chutney.

Batata Sev Puri, $8
Puffed poories stuffed with potatoes, topped with yogurt and chutney.

Somosa Chat, $8
Seasoned potatoes in a turnover topped with chenna.

Madula, $8
Chicken marinated in honey mustard spices, grilled in tandoor, served with green chutney.

Hari Mirch, $8
Chicken marinated in green chili spices, grilled in tandoor, served with grape relish.

Chicken Tikka, $8
Chicken marinated in ginger, garlic and spices grilled in tandoor.

Sungta Kismuri, $10
Pan-grilled shrimp with onion and masala over lentil-rice pancake.

Tisrya Chila, $10
Mussel stir fry with onion, tomato and roasted coconut served with gram flour flat bread.

Kanava Tawa, $11
Grilled squid with roasted tomato and garlic over cornbread.

Paniyaram Jhinga, $12
Baby shrimp baked and seasoned rice cakes, coconut garlic chutney.

Tawa Scallops, $12
Seasoned scallops grilled, tomato relish, curried avocado.

Kekada Thokku, $13
Crab meat, mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger and garlic.


Taash Kabab, $9
Braised Lamb in curd, saffron and spices.

Hallem, $9
Lamb cooked with cracked wheat, mace flavored millet roti.

Lucknowi Seekh Kabab, $9
Ground lamb infused with garam masala, grilled in tandoor.

Kalan, $13
Kohlrabi, yam, banana and carrots stewed in chili, coconut and yogurt sauce.

Hari Phaliyan, $13
Mélange of fresh green beans over masala potatoes.

Jaipuri Kofta, $13
Chickpea, spinach, green pumpkin dumplings in onion, ginger and garlic masala sauce.

Subz Tikka Masala, $13
Tandoor-grilled soya, cauliflower, broccoli and peppers in fenugreek tomato sauce.

Dum Bhindi, $14
Okra with red onions, tomatoes, ginger in chatpata masala, topped with crispy onion.

Palak Paneer, $14
Mildly spiced spinach and Indian cheese

Machli Salne, $17
Branzini cooked in ginger, garlic, poppy seeds and chilies topped with brown crisp onions.

Tamatar Machli, $17
Pompano (pan-crisped masala fish), plum tomato sauce, snap peas and baby red potatoes.

Chorchori Chingri, $17
Marinated pan-cooked shrimp with green leafy vegetables.

Deg Murgh, $14
Slow-cooked chicken in masala curry sauce.

Murgh Tikka Masala, $15
Tandoori-grilled chicken in a cardamom and fenugreek tomato sauce.

Bihari Gohst, $16
Marinated lamb shanks braised in onion, tomato and whole spices.

Deg Gohst, $17
Slow cooked lamb in masala curry sauce.

Bakra, $17
Slow cooked goat in Marsala curry sauce.

Kesari Murgh, $15
Saffron -flavored grilled chicken.

Tandoori Chicken, $17
Marinated poussins grilled in tandoor.

Machli Tikka, $17
Salmon (grilled) marinated in ginger, garlic, basil and spices.

Bukhni Kabab, $18
Lamb marinated in crushed chili and spices, grilled.

Melagu Chemeen, $19
Black pepper Chilean sea bass served on a bed of coconut sauce.

Lamb Chop, $21
Marinated lamb chop.

Jahnara Jhinga, $21
Garlic, basil jumbo shrimps grilled.

Lagan Da Murgh, $15
Oven roasted stuffed chicken roulade infused in yogurt, poppy, melon and saffron gravy.

Mutsch, $17
Kashmiri lamb koftas simmered in fennel and ginger yogurt sauce with beets and lotus.

Neer Dosa, $18
Soft rice crepes, stuffed with mango chutney and topped with a mélange of pan grilled seafood.

Dum Quail, $18
Quail (deboned and marinated), braised in a broth of red wine.

Batak Uttapam, $18
Duck breast hand rubbed with cracked peppers, grilled with Portobello mushroom uttapam.

Peetalu, $18
Crab koftas in coconut, turmeric, ginger and star anise.

Tabak Maz, $22
Rack of lamb (grilled) infused with fennel and saffron.

Boali Handi, $15
Rice cooked with eggplant, soya, lentils and vegetables.

Hydrabadi Tahiri, $18
Rice cooked in broth of lamb and vegetables, topped with roast lamb.

Samudri Arisi, $19
Curry leaf -flavored rice with masala squid, fish and scallops.

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