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Men’s fashion fall trends: How to wear velvet

The soft knitted fabric is often associated with royalty, but you don’t have to be of noble descent to rock this luxe look with these men's fashion accessories


Diesel Black Gold, Burberry Prorsum, Alexander McQueen

 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
Photograph: Melissa Sinclair

Aldo Diederich slip-on sneakers, $60, at Aldo, locations throughout the city; visit aldoshoes.com


The Tie Bar velvet bow tie, $15, at thetiebar.com

 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
Photograph: Melissa Sinclair

Shiraleah Octavia tech case, $58, at shopbossa.com

 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
Photograph: Melissa Sinclair

Dr. Martens Castel boots, $140, at Dr. Martens, 148 Spring St between Broadway and Wooster St; visit drmartens.com


Echo solid velvet loop scarf, $48, at echodesign.com

 (Photograph: Jonathan Aprea)
Photograph: Jonathan Aprea

JoannaBizu velvet cufflinks, $12, at joannabizu.etsy.com

 (Photograph: Jessica Lin)
Photograph: Jessica Lin

Fine and Dandy velvet suspenders, $59, at fineanddandyshop.com

 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
Photograph: Melissa Sinclair

Zazzle DIY Art Tools Rich Surfaces iPhone 4 cover, $40, at zazzle.com

 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
Photograph: Melissa Sinclair

Aldo Stipek lace-up sneakers, $68, at Aldo, locations throughout the city; visit aldoshoes.com

 (Photograph: Jonathan Aprea)
Photograph: Jonathan Aprea

American Apparel classic velvet tie, $26, at American Apparel, locations throughout the city; visit americanapparel.net

 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
Photograph: Melissa Sinclair

Echo Vintage Geo Dot velvet tech case, $48, at echodesign.com

Alexander McQueen, Diesel Black Gold, Burberry Prorsum and Etro all have three-piece velvet suits in their fall collections. We show you how to incorporate this fall trend into your wardrobe and achieve the same regal aesthetic with these easy-to-wear velvet accessories, including men's fashion staples such as sneakers, boots, bow ties, scarves.

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