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The best organic grocery stores in NYC

With goods from the best organic grocery stores in NYC, freshen up your kitchen and get in a healthy frame of mind

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It can be difficult to avoid New York’s dollar slices and food trucks, but organic grocery stores are here for you when you crave freshness. To help satisfy your need for clean eats, we’ve assembled a list of New York’s best organic grocery stores and health food stores so you can keep your insides pristine even when it’s a grimy grind outside. Don’t forget that healthy food can be delicious, too.

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Best organic grocery stores in NYC


Park Slope Food Coop

Most of this co-op’s 16,500 members work here once every four weeks, bagging arugula, pricing kosher beef or doing whatever else the joint needs. The payoff is big for joining: You can save as much as 40 percent on your groceries and have access to organic and locally sourced foodstuffs.

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Park Slope

Gary Null's Uptown Whole Foods

In 1966, Gary Null opened up a heath food store on the Upper West Side, and now, the spot claims to churn out more fresh organic juice on the daily than anywhere else in town. There’s also a staff of dieticians who offer free nutritional counseling to anyone who wants it. Now that’s fresh.

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Upper West Side

Bushwick Food Corp

What this members-only organic co-op lacks in selection, it more than makes up for with a sterling sense of community and positive vibes. All of its offerings are sourced from within 200 miles of Bushwick, and if you want something it doesn’t have, you can get it ordered special, no sweat—just ask one of the chill managers.

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A Matter of Health

If you’re looking for quality produce on the Upper East Side, look no further—this place has exotic berries and unsullied leafies galore. But it has a lot else, too: From vegan grub to free-range chow, it’s a must for Upper East Siders with an organic appetite.

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Lenox Hill

Westerly Natural Market

This place has been a full-force health phenomenon since 1966, but it’s not stuck in the past: You can place your organic order online after consulting its robust reference library, which is an impressive hub of well-being literature (especially for a grocery store).

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Hell's Kitchen

Mr. Kiwi’s

While the J/M/Z stop at Myrtle and Broadway might not have the cobblestone charm of the Village, Mr. Kiwi’s assures today’s cool kids can eat healthy for relatively reasonable prices. Its juice bar is a solid stop for a quick swig of a meal, and its green tea mochi ice cream treats provide a dessert you don’t have to feel guilty about.

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Healthfully Organic Market

This family-run neighborhood joint has the goods. Come here to cop kale chips, a vegetarian faux-chicken Tuscan spread (for just $4), artisanal coconut spread and even something called Sneeze Guard Juice, which prevents colds in a city where a million hands have gotten to that subway pole before you did.

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East Village

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