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Rite Aid
Photograph: ShutterstockRite Aid

Every 24-hour pharmacy in NYC

When you can’t sleep, a 24-hour pharmacy will be open and stocked with all your 3am needs, from food to meds

Written by
Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner

In a city that’s known for never sleeping, it’s easy to find a 24-hour pharmacy. Sometimes you just need to get up in the night to buy some Band-Aids, fill a ‘script or buy midnight snacks. (No judgment.) For when the best 24-hour restaurants and even the best 24-hour pizza spots aren’t serving up what you need, these around-the-clock pharmacies are here for you. And you can make a whole night out of it by stopping at a 24-hour Starbucks on the way home!

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Every 24-hour pharmacy in NYC

Duane Reade
Photograph: Shutterstock

1. Duane Reade

Synonymous with the word “pharmacy” in all five boroughs, Duane Reade is ready to dole out snacks, prescriptions, a plethora of beauty supplies and more at any hour of the day. Expect to see the gleaming lights of Duane Reade shining across Manhattan at any hour, beaconing around-the-clock shoppers.

401 E 86th St

1498 York Ave

1352 First Ave

1524 Second Ave

1191 Second Ave

852 Second Ave

1550 Third Ave

1111 Third Ave

949 Third Ave

866 Third Ave

711 Third Ave

1279 Third Ave

1231 Madison Ave

773 Lexington Ave

575 Lexington Ave

380 Amsterdam Ave

300 E 39th

41 E 58th St

250 W 57th St

100 W 57th St

51 W 51st St

2864 Broadway

2683 Broadway

2409 Broadway

2522 Broadway

2025 Broadway

2069 Broadway

1889 Broadway

1627 Broadway

1350 Broadway

4 Amsterdam Ave

4 Columbus Circle

775 Columbus Ave

609 Columbus Ave

22 W 48th St

900 8th Ave

155 E 34th St

2858 Steinway St, Queens

7301 37th Ave, Queens

6002 Roosevelt Ave, Queens

296 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

250 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Photograph: Shutterstock

2. Walgreens

You may look for them at the corner of happy and healthy, but Duane Reade’s national sibling has a handful of 24-hour pharmacies in NYC. In addition to quickly filled prescriptions, expect to find your typical grocery store goods here at all hours.

1471 Broadway

250 Fifth Ave

145 4th Ave

33 E 23rd St

20 Astor Pl

Photograph: Shutterstock

3. CVS

Grab a weekly ad and shop the CVS deals at any time of night across the city. The CVS specialty app also helps remind you about medications, and if you do forget to refill until the very last minute, run out to one of these all-night pharmacies.

253 First Ave

1569 First Ave

1369 Second Ave

1622 Third Ave

1294 Lexington Ave

1500 Lexington Ave

1241 Lexington Ave

150 E 42nd St

630 Lexington Ave

743 Amsterdam Ave

2495 Broadway

540 Amsterdam Ave

1 Columbus Ave

222 E 34th St

500 W 42nd St

300 Park Ave S

215 Park Ave S

298 Mulberry St

75 Christopher St

158 Bleecker St

129 Fulton St

5 Penn Plaza

31-01 Ditmars Blvd, Queens

41-8 Queens Blvd, Queens

89-11 Northern Blvd, Queens

61-15 Metropolitan Ave, Queens

3775 E Tremont Ave, Bronx

Rite Aid
Photograph: Shutterstock

4. Rite Aid

While Greenpoint’s former roller rink called Rite Aid isn’t open all night, you can turn any of these 24-hour pharmacies into a disco dance party if you really try hard enough.

81 First Ave

242 Second Ave

1849 Second Ave

1535 Second Ave

2170 Frederick Douglass Blvd

26 Grand Central Terminal

4188 Broadway

2833 Broadway

282 8th Ave

301 W 50th St

534 Hudson St

783 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn

75-75 31st Ave, Queens

45-02 43rd Ave, Queens

31-01 30th Ave, Queens

32-87 Steinway St, Queens

21-25 Broadway, Queens

Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Peter D

5. Neergard

Neighborhood pharmacies are hard to come by these days, but this 24-hour spot hails back to an age when corporations didn’t dominate New York City’s pharmacy scene. Get prescriptions filled and shop for toys, skincare products and more at Neergard. 454 Fifth Ave, Brooklyn (718-768-0600,

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