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Photograph: Courtesy The Break

The best vintage stores in NYC

From retro wares to one-of-a-kind statement pieces, these vintage stores are stocked with treasures

By Alison Kotch and Jennifer Picht

Some of the loveliest (and cheapest) clothing stores in NYC happen to be vintage stores. Personally, we think shopping vintage is always a good idea. Shopping secondhand helps the planet by reducing excess waste and allows you to scoop up unique duds no one else has. Can’t afford $200 Chanel pumps or high-end retro clothes? No biggie: New York has a ton of options to make your footwear dreams come to true. After making a profit by selling any outdated duds at thrift stores or consignment shops , go back to these prime vintage stores, snag unique throwbacks and style an outfit that will make you feel like a million bucks (but for way less).

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Best vintage stores in NYC

Photograph: Courtesy Cody Guilfoyle

1. The Break

Shopping Greenpoint

There are many reasons why vintage lovers shop The Break, but here’s the gist: The owners believe in the power of a well-curated stash, and they understand what shoppers really want—low prices. Aside from excellent, avant-garde branding and an extremely pleasant in-person shopping experience (on a recent visit, we were given a gratis glass of rosé and were invited to join an impromptu dance party while trying on throwback threads), the merchandise you'll find on the racks is incredible. From teddy faux-fur coats to oversized, pinstripe blazers and floral blouses straight from the ’70s, the shop is loaded with real deal steals.

Photograph: Courtesy Mary Spears

2. Mirth Vintage

Shopping Greenpoint

Women who appreciate a color-coordinated closet will love Mirth Vintage, as the store, which hawks mostly monochrome, timeless duds, is organized by hue. At the Greenpoint shop, sift the racks for wares and accessories (bags, shoes, belts and some jewelry) from the early 20th century to the early aughts.

Photograph: Courtesy John Muggenborg

3. Spark Pretty

Shopping East Village

No shop in New York understands the need to express yourself through a cold-weather protector than one of Manhattan's new vintage shops Spark Pretty. After the success of the store's '90's Forever pop-up, owners Amanda Dolan and Meagan Colbyput down permanent roots in the East Village. Spark Pretty describes its aesthetic as “I Want My MTV” meets '80’s hair bands, crossed with the flash of '70’s glam-rock. We can dig it. We're particularly loving the Lisa Frank denim jackets for sale, in addition to other rare vintage styles such as a crystal-encrusted, hand-painted Tony Alamo designer jean jacket. You'll also find other throwback apparel items including bellbottoms, studded skinny jeans, pins, patches and shoes.

Metropolis Vintage
Photograph: Courtesy Metropolis Vintage

4. Metropolis Vintage

Shopping Thrift stores East Village

Countless celebs call Metropolis a favorite shopping destination, including Sky Ferreira, Julian Casablancas and Iggy Pop. And no wonder: The shop boasts one of the best vintage T-shirt collections in the city, as well as leather jackets, sports jerseys and breezy summer rompers. We fell in love with a black leather Coach purse covered in gold studs, along with a purple, black and shimmery silver zebra sweatshirt that brought us straight back to the ’90s.

Photograph: Courtesy Amarcord Vintage Fashion

5. Amarcord Vintage Fashion

Shopping Consignment store Williamsburg

Owners Patti Bordoni and Marco Liotta stock their shops with decades-old duds in pristine condition, sourced from frequent trips to their Italian homeland. Expect to find well-known Italian designers such as Gucci and Valentino mixed in with other European labels that fit the shop’s edgy, mod aesthetic. We recently discovered a multicolor button-up Versace blouse that’s so bold it needs no accessories, and there’s also a men’s section where you can find Euro-influenced clothing and a plentiful selection of buttery soft T-shirts.

Star Struck Vintage Clothing
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/David S.

6. Star Struck Vintage Clothing

Shopping Thrift stores West Village

Ladies and gents looking to add some variety to their wardrobes will love the selection at Star Struck—expect to find everything from well-worn Fleetwood Mac, GNR and Pink Floyd concert tees to vintage Christian Dior silk scarves. Complete your rock-star look with a vintage brass belt buckle and a chapeau from an extensive collection that includes cowboy hats, top hats as well as goes-with-everything fedoras and even pork pies.

Mr. Throwback
Photograph: Anna Simonak

7. Mr. Throwback

Shopping Thrift stores East Village

Children of the ’80s and ’90s will feel like they’re back in their childhood bedroom at his men’s shop, which specializes in vintage sports attire like NBA snapbacks beginning at $30, as well as NBA jerseys and—believe it—FUBU jackets. The owner's collection is so well-curated that rappers and celebs (like Kid Cudi and Scarlett Johansson) are among the shop’s fans. It also stocks WWF, Space Jam and Batman paraphernalia. There’s even a VHS player screening favorites like Mighty Ducks and Home Alone and a giant machine vending stickers for 50 cents.

Photograph: Courtesy Procell

8. Procell

Shopping Boutiques Lower East Side

Situated directly across from Bowery Ballroom, this shop aims to satisfy your craving for late ’80s and ’90s streetwear, and it more than succeeds. Invoke some nostalgia with a hard-to-find Smashing Pumpkins concert tee, an oversized Wu-Tang shirt or a pair of rugged yet sexy Gucci/Timberland printed boots. Accessorize with a Keith Haring keychain or patch and pick up a Troll (remember those?!) as a fun conversation piece to make your trip down memory lane complete.


9. 10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas

Shopping Thrift stores Williamsburg

This vintage mecca, which opened in 2006, packs an exhaustive collection of affordable men’s and women’s clothing. Shoppers can choose from lived-in concert tees, bright plaid shorts and flannels, a huge selection of on-trend overalls and racks of one-of-a-kind shoes. Seriously, we mean one of a kind: There was recently a pair of white leather kitten-heeled boots with pastel flowers there. This is a great spot to check out if you need to flourish your denim drawer. On the racks, you'll find $20 Levi's, Lucky Brand, Wrangler and more. 

L Train Vintage
Photograph: Courtesy L Train Vintage

10. L Train Vintage

Shopping Thrift stores Bushwick

You’ll find Guess and Levis denim cutoffs, vintage Rolling Stones and Metallica concert tees, and a wide selection of Harley Davidson sweatshirts, jackets and tanks at L-Train’s six locations, which carry ’70 to ’90s style fashions for as little as five bucks. They also have a great selection of neon, pineapple and pink-flamingo printed Hawaiian shirts—perfect for that upcoming summer BBQ where you want to want to look good but still have a few bucks left to show up with a six-pack in hand.

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