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31 things that only New Yorkers would ever put up with

We’re the most demanding people in the whole country, so why do we all put up with stupid crap like this?

New York is an amazing place to live. AMAZING. We have the best food, the best shows, the best art, the best everything. (Let's just look at the 31 reasons New York kicks L.A.'s ass, just as an example.) We expect the best at all times, so why is it, every day, we deal with a whole bunch of stuff that people from anywhere else would find completely unacceptable? Stuff like…

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So many bars and restaurants are cash-only

I'm sorry, I thought this was the 21st century. Do you take gold doubloons? How about salt? Or would you prefer we go back to the barter system?


The subway looks like crap

In a modern city, why does the subway look like it's straight out of a postapocalyptic movie? The sewer water running between the tracks, the peeling paint, the cracked tiles, the dripping pipes… Take the crowds of people out, and you could easily believe they'd all been completely abandoned for 50 years.


Apartment prices are INSANE

We all know it. We all do it anyway. What the fuck is wrong with us?


Bedbugs. Fucking bedbugs!

There is nowhere else in the first world that comes with the constant threat of having to move out and burn all your possessions.


Grocery-store prices are ridiculous

It is not normal for takeout to be cheaper than cooking at home. NOT NORMAL.


Tipping mean taxi drivers

They take us the wrong way, drop us five blocks away from our destination, shout at us for using a card, make us cry and then demand we tip them 20 percent. Which we do, then say “have a nice day” as we get out of the cab, our faces wet with tears.


Public restrooms are either invisible or disgusting

New York, the below GIF should not be considered aspirational.


Most apartments don't have laundry

Why do we all just accept that most of us have to spend half our weekend sitting in the Laundromat? Either that or playing laundry roulette with a wash-and-fold place, praying you actually get mostly your stuff back this time.


Alternate-side parking

Tell foreign friends that this is A Thing in New York, and they will laugh in your face. Yes, really: We get up at 7am to move the car to the other side of the street. Sigh.


The rats

Visitors to New York would think there is some sort of nightmare invasion that needs immediate attention. And they’d be right, but somehow, we’re okay with it.



Five flights of stairs to my overpriced apartment? Sounds reasonable!


People still have roommates

Most people stopped having roommates after college, but not here. Hey, roomie! So glad I can hear you having loud sex in the tiny room next to my tiny room with the paper-thin walls between us at 3am when I have work tomorrow and I know for a fact that you’re alone in there! 


The garbage on the streets

Ah, New York. Cosmopolitan hub of commerce and style, envied the world over for its effortless chic. Except that, oh look, there are six-foot-high piles of reeking trash bags piled on every corner leaking grungy brown-green juice onto my shoes. Oh well, guess I'll just hold my breath. For the next 18 blocks.


Grocery-store lines

Okay, I just need to buy one item, I’ll run into Trader Joe’s and…and browse the aisle 200 feet from the cash register, which is where the fucking line currently starts. 


Daily spending adds up FAST

It's a guarantee that you will spend at least $30 a day. Consider this money a toll for leaving your apartment every morning. Yes, I will spend $5 for that cupcake. Green juice, $10? Why not!


Screening calls from your parents who aren't New Yorkers

Prepare for hundreds of text messages and daily calls from Mom and Dad, who are still convinced that it’s the 1970s. "Just checking to make sure you weren't raped, stabbed or struck by a cab, or raped and stabbed by the driver of the cab that struck you.”


The number of restaurants that don't take reservations

There is nowhere else in the world where people voluntarily wait three hours for a meal. Would it be so hard to pick up a phone?


Distances are deceptive

Anywhere else, a two-hour trek could get you to another state. Here, it barely gets you from north to south Brooklyn.


New York seems designed to funnel you right toward the people you want to see least

You think the city's so large, you'll never have to run into your ex or your annoying former coworker. Wrong! You will see them all at least once a week.


Not having a car

Oh, sure, you can have a car. But it’ll either cost you a fortune in parking, or you can try your luck on the street, both of which will end with you foaming with rage. Meanwhile, every time you go to the grocery store, you can only buy as much as you can carry in your two sad hands.


Block-long lines for a food truck

It’s a food truck, people. 


Incessant walking = catcalls

Ladies, in a city where you walk everywhere, get ready to receive marriage proposals from the bodega dude, construction worker and friendly neighborhood bum all on your short walk to grab coffee. Anywhere else, you'd just roll up your car window and shut the idiot noise out.


Dealing with the NYPD is generally terrible

Even the good ones that aren't ticketing you for nonexistent parking infractions, misfiling reports for fatal hit-and-runs or firing on unarmed citizens are still stuck with trying to fill some kind of quota.


Talking of which, stop-and-frisk laws are an abomination

Who is this protecting, exactly?


Cute shoes will be sacrificed

You rarely hear a New Yorker complain about walking too much. But you will hear a woman's quiet sobs as she collects a pool of blood in her stiletto heels.


Major city arteries getting deliberately clogged

For all the dubious appeal of corn-on-the-cob stands and discount linens, street fairs have long been the bane of vehicular traffic. And the Bloomberg strategy of deliberately narrowing major thoroughfares and/or converting them to pedestrian malls has made Manhattan traffic even more of a time-suck hell.


Making plans with a large group is almost impossible

By the time you finally settle on a place that's convenient for everyone, and by the time they actually arrive, you might as well have just stayed home and ordered Seamless. 


The schizo weather

Fancy feeling like you're suffocating in the humidity? Or that your extremities are about to be frozen right off in the cold? Often within weeks of each other? Great! You live in the right city!


The “modern” AC units

Apartments with built-in AC? Hell no! Let's ram a cumbersome, dusty box in the window that circulates tepid air and makes so much noise that when autumn comes and you turn it off, you're terrified at the prospect of being able to hear your own thoughts again.


The noise

We thought it was called “the city that never sleeps” because of all the things to do at all hours. Nope! It’s called that because with the fire trucks and the traffic and the sirens and the shouting and the drunk people and the upstairs neighbor who will for some reason not stop playing Katy Perry, no one ever gets a good night’s sleep, ever. 


People from other places telling us we should leave New York

Screw you, we’re staying. We love this ridiculous, amazing city. We’re sick, and we don’t care.


Rebecca C
Rebecca C

I hate having to put up with so much crap (literally and figuratively) but it's a small price to pay for all the advantages we have over other cities, especially in the U.S. I'm really surprised at how rural or suburban the rest of the country is, but then again I live inside this bubble so what do I know? 

Maria H
Maria H

I like this place; it is the only place where I feel invisible and get the energy from outside-- all the vibrance around me. I hate to see though some perverts stalk women (will not name the nationality), hate the rats, can never deal with that.. But the city itself is the best city in my life.. When you walk in its street, you feel your spine alive, you feel you sweat positive energy, you feel anything is possible, you feel finally that it is the one place where all races, nationals, mixes have got their presence in this spot.. I will be back to you NY.. only with savings!

Niko K
Niko K

I hate this disgusting city....rude people, and trash everywhere

Sabina S
Sabina S

Since I had a visit to Alabama, I've been asking the same question. Do New Yorkers know that there is a very big beautiful country outside this crammed city because I did not know that. You can't find a house for $500,000 in this New York City. You can buy a mansion for the same price in other states. I saw a beautiful brick house, five times bigger than my house, for sale for 43,000. People are laid back, and stressed out. The funny part is that lot of these states are looking for professionals, so there are jobs. Nowadays it is same grade in every state. You make same amount of money, and the cost of living is very low. Wow, maybe we can save for our old age. The downside is that ethnic food is not so readily available, and no home delivery, but you are not tied of commute and parking is available everywhere. What a luxury!

Harvey W
Harvey W

@Sabina S Depends on what's important to you.  If you value space and prefer the privacy of driving everywhere in a cocoon, you're probably better off living elsewhere.

Melody C
Melody C

@Sabina S  i moved here from Alabama in 2013. Working 2 jobs, living in a studio with my cats I tend to ask myself is it worth it daily...surprisingly the answer is almost always yes. I would like to say that no way will I retire here...I always thought I was a city girl living a southern girls life but turns out im just a southern girl after all.

Noel M
Noel M

Yes!  The VERY reasons I moved out of New York in the first place - even though it's amazing in many respects.

Terri R
Terri R

dog poop everywhere....unseemly and unhealthy

Elaine B
Elaine B Tastemaker

Really?  Seriously?  You must be come-here whimpoids who think there is life in Brooklyn..