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Woodworking, stained glass and glass blowing NYC

The best woodworking, stained glass, and glass blowing classes in NYC

Loads of fun and some seriously impressive skills, plus a new ornament or two for the pad?

Written by
Camila Karalyte

Learn a skill that doubles as an art form (or an art form that doubles as a practical home skill) in one of these immersive woodworking, stained glass or glass blowing courses. Whether you want to learn how to build a table, repair a chair or create stunning works of art out of colored glass, you will be able to find the perfect class for you in NYC.

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Woodworking classes and events in NYC

Craft a Side Table at Craftsman Ave

Craftsman Ave offers an introductory woodworking course in which students will have the chance to make a 15-inch side table while learning their way around a professional woodworking shop. In this course, you’ll get personalized instruction from an expert carpenter, including lessons on safety and you’ll spend two days turning a pile of wood into a functional side table that you can take home with you. This course is a great introduction to the world of carpentry and all of the skills you learn in this course can be easily transferred to other woodworking projects.

Make a Classic Longboard (Introduction to Woodworking)

One of the most exciting aspects of learning woodworking is that there are so many different places to start and projects to experiment with. For example, you can start learning woodworking in this introductory course that will see you building, sanding, and assembling your longboard, a classic pintail skateboard that can scratch that nostalgic itch. In addition to carving and sanding the hardwood, you’ll also affix the wheel rolling stock and start the process of customizing your board. This is a great class to start learning woodworking whether you are looking to make your own, working hand-crafted deck or a retro decorative piece for your home.


Date Night: Pinewood Derby - Car Racing for Everyone

Couples with a competitive streak can release their inner race car driver at this date night class offered by Craftsman Ave. Here, you and your partner will create one car together while sharing pizza and a bottle of wine. You’ll start with a small block of wood and use sandpaper, saws, and other tools in the workshop to create your car. Craftsman Ave. also provides all the extra crafts to personalize your car, like racing stripes, paint, and even googly eyes. At the end of the two-hour building session, you and the other participants will race your cars against each other on the school’s vintage derby track. Medals will be given to the best looking car, the ugliest car, as well as the fastest and the slowest.

Date Night: Craft a Side Table (Introduction to Woodworking and Furniture Making)

Woodworking doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit. If you are looking for a chance to learn a new skill in a hands-on environment alongside a partner (or friend). In this two-person woodworking course, you and a partner will spend the evening learning how to work around a woodworking shop and creating your own custom side tables. Together, you’ll create a stunning and practical piece of furniture that is perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, or den. Join in the fun and make a memory that will last a long time.


Any Woodworking Class at The DIY Joint

Located just across the Hudson in Union City, NJ, The DIY Joint is a community-driven woodworking studio that aims to help carpenters of all skill levels learn the craft and get access to the best workspace and tools available. These classes, which cover hands-on exercises in projects ranging from shelves and end-tables to charcuterie boards and wooden bowls, are a great way for inexperienced carpenters to get real, practical experience while learning from experts in the field. The DIY Joint is constantly expanding their workshop and range of tools, so it is worth it to consistently check back to see what new offerings are available from the school.

Make a Barrel to Age your own Whiskey and Craft Cocktails at Craftsman Ave

This workshop provides an introduction to coopering, the art of barrel making, highlighting its significance in aging spirits to develop unique flavors. Students will learn the entire process, starting with assembling the barrel's components, charring the interior, all the way to the final assembly with beeswax sealing. In addition to practical skills, participants will explore how the process of barrel-aging spirits has changed over time, with insights into various techniques and possibilities for experimentation. Students in this workshop will enjoy a hands-on experience to create a personalized oak barrel capable of holding approximately two liters of liquid, suitable for aging spirits of choice.


Toolbox Class - Intro to Woodworking at Restoration Oak, Inc.

One practical way to learn the art of woodworking is to join the toolbox course at Restoration Oak, Inc. In this class, you’ll get hands-on woodworking experience as you build your own wooden toolbox to store the various tools you’ll use in future woodworking projects. You’ll learn how to use common power tools, cut and sand wood, and join finished wood together into a durable and practical shape. This course will see students building a hand toolbox with specific holders and compartments for various hammers, hand saws, and other important manual tools.

Wood Carving at New York School of the Arts

While most woodworking classes focus on the practical side of carpentry (which is not to say that they can’t be creative), woodworking is also one of the oldest human art forms. In this class, you’ll learn about the long history of woodcarving, the various traditions that are practiced around the globe, and how to work with wood as a creative medium. You’ll spend time learning the fundamentals of wood carving techniques and tools and then you’ll have the opportunity to express yourself and make your own wooden sculpture in a fully stocked carving studio.


Family/Group Build: Make A Cornhole Set at Hudson River Maritime Museum

Cornhole (or bags, bag toss, chuck-o, dadhole, or any of a dozen other regional names) is one of the most popular outdoor party games around. Incredibly easy for players of all ages and a game that can be played safely while drinking at a cookout, cornhole has become a fixture of summer gatherings across the country. In this introductory woodworking course, you’ll learn how to make a perfectly uniform, regulation set of boards and bags while mastering skills like cutting, shaping, and sanding the wood. Plus, you can bring in decals or images to customize the boards to your taste.

Build a Live Edge Table at Hudson River Maritime Museum (Kingston, NY)

Another option for learning woodworking is to visit the Hudson River Maritime Museum’s edge table course and you’ll get hands-on experience working with wood and power tools to create your very own functioning coffee table. Edge tables are unique in that they do not take away from the original shape of the wood, creating odd curves and inconsistent edges on the table, which can be striking centerpieces in a lounge or living room setting. You’ll spend the day building a table from scratch, and you’ll leave the class with an understanding of how to undertake complicated woodworking projects.


Woodworking and Boatbuilding Classes

The Wooden Boat School at Hudson River Maritime Museum offers a variety of classes in woodworking, boatbuilding, and traditional classes. Whether you’re a beginning woodworker or an expert seeking guidance with a specialized project, you’ll find a class that “resin”-ates with you. Build intricate toy boxes, carve wooden spoons, craft a live edge table, or make your own ukulele. If you want to take to the water, you can learn from the experts how to craft a skin-on-frame canoe or construct a wooden rowboat.

Stained glass classes and events in NYC

Intro to Stained Glass at UrbanGlass

UrbanGlass, one of the city’s finest glassblowing studios, also offers stained glass courses for students looking to learn how to create stunning works of art using colored glass. In this course, you’ll get hands-on experience working with the copper foil construction method of stained glass making, perfect for small projects like wall decorations that you can easily replicate without needing massive furnaces or welding tools. If you are looking to learn the basics of stained glass work, you should consider enrolling in this course or one of the many glass blowing courses offered by UrbanGlass.

Make a Stained Glass Work of Art (Intro level)

Stained glass has an air of opulence to it that feels impossible to replicate, but working with colored glass is far easier than you might think. In this introductory course, you’ll learn the history of stained glass as an artistic medium and have the opportunity to get hands-on experience making your own small stained glass trinket. You’ll learn how glass is colored and how to shape and smooth the glass using the Tiffany process. You’ll also learn how to cut stained glass safely and how to solder the pieces together to create a kaleidoscopic work of art. No experience is necessary and everyone will leave this session with a finished piece and the training to embark on more complex projects.


Imagery in Stained Glass for Intermediate Level

Once you’ve mastered the basics of stained glass, it’s time to advance to the more demanding techniques. In Imagery in Stained Glass for Intermediate Level, you’ll explore exciting techniques like incorporating enamels, glass powders, and 3D sculpture into your glasswork. Bring your creativity and ideas for a panel to class and be prepared to take your stained glass skills to the next level. This class focuses on historic techniques of painting on glass and firing paintings under 10 inches in any direction, but does not include instruction on assembling stained glass windows.

Neon 101 at UrbanGlass

This intensive two-hour workshop provides students everything they need to know about creating their own neon sculpture or sign from beginning to end. The material presented includes tutorials on wiring, designing, glass bending, and installation. The course also includes a demonstration on processing and filling tubes with neon gas to create light. Then students will be able to build their own designs under the guidance of experienced glass artists. There may also be additional processing time required to complete the project, so students may have to come back to the classroom at a later date to pick up their finished piece.


Make Stained Glass

Are you ready to dive into the art of stained glass? Make Stained Glass at UrbanGlass is an introductory course where you’ll learn to create stunning pieces from start to finish. From selecting a design to cutting and grinding glass, soldering pieces together, and adding the final touches with cleaning and patina, you'll master the basics in no time. Choose a simple design from the provided catalog and let your experienced instructor guide you through each step of the process. Expect short demos followed by personalized guidance as you bring your stained glass masterpiece to life. Whether you're a beginner or looking to brush up on your skills, this course is the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and craft something beautiful.

Stained Glass 101

After you have an understanding of the basics of working with stained glass, you can enroll in this (still beginner-friendly) introduction to more elaborate stained glass art projects. This course will provide students with the supplies and materials they need to start cutting, shaping, and fusing stained glass and students will be able to get hands-on experience making their own pieces. By the end of the class, students will be well-versed in the fundamentals of stained glass art and they will have their own, personalized piece that they can take home with them to put on display.


Powder Drawing in Stained Glass at UrbanGlass

Once you are comfortable working with stained glass, you may want to work on complex projects, the kind that make people’s heads turn in galleries or cathedrals. This course offers students the chance to learn the art of powder drawing, which presents them with the opportunity to create intricate designs and complex detailed drawings on stained glass. This lets you create works of art that go beyond simply fusing colored panes and offers a whole new medium and canvas upon which you can explore.

Mosaic Art Crash Course at 92nd Street Y

Taught by local artist Grace Baley, students in this beginner-friendly mosaic class will learn the basic steps to create their own piece of mixed-media mosaic artwork, which is the use of small tiles to make larger shapes and beautiful patterns. Grace will demonstrate techniques on cutting and shaping the tiles so they fit together, as well as share tips on selecting a design and layout for the final piece. Students don’t need any previous experience to attend this course, and all materials are provided.

Glass blowing classes and events in NYC

Glassblowing 101 at UrbanGlass

If you are interested in learning how to make your own practical or decorative glassware, consider enrolling in this introduction to glass blowing course. You’ll learn the history of glass blowing, the processes that go into making raw glass, and the techniques used to turn molten glass into a finished product. Glass blowing relies on incredibly high temperatures and specialized equipment, so this is a unique experience that can’t readily be replicated elsewhere. Over a single weekend, you’ll learn how to prepare and work with molten glass, get demos and safety instructions from skilled glass makers, and have the chance to create your own decorative vessel and sculpture.

From Furnace to Finished, Blown Glass & Painted Surfaces

In this advanced course, you’ll learn how to plan and follow through on a glass blowing project from inception to the final stages of the painting process. You’ll create your own glass sculpture as you learn how to work with molten glass through the firing process. Then, once the glass is cooled, you’ll learn how professional artisans create painted and colored glass using an array of different painting styles and techniques. Students can bring personal images or they can choose to work from a catalog of styles offered by Urban Glass. This is an advanced course, recommended for students with a few years of glass blowing experience.


Woodworking & Stained Glass Classes Gift Card

The world of craftsmanship and creativity is a treasure to share with gift cards for woodworking, stained glass, and glass blowing classes in NYC. Whether you're seeking a hands-on hobby or a unique gift idea, a diverse array of courses offers something for everyone. From beginner-friendly workshops to specialized sessions and even date night classes, there's no shortage of opportunities to explore your artistic side. Purchase a gift card for yourself to embark on a new adventure, or surprise a loved one with the gift of learning and self-expression. With expert instructors, top-notch facilities, and an unforgettable experience waiting, it's time to unleash your inner artisan and craft something extraordinary.

Group events and team building activities

Make a Barrel To Age Your Own Whiskey and Craft Cocktails Team Workshop

Discover the ancient craft of coopering and craft your own whiskey barrel that will elevate your spirits and cocktails to new heights. In this group woodworking experience, you'll receive expert guidance and all the necessary materials to dive into the world of aged libations. Working together, your team will master the intricacies of traditional barrel-making. This class will elevate your woodworking skills and start you on your journey to age spirits and craft cocktails.

Craft your Own Pinewood Derby Team Building Event

Unleash your inner speed demon in the ultimate gravity-powered showdown at NYC's Pinewood Derby. You’ll craft a wooden speedster and race against your team in a nail-biter competition. All materials are provided for you to design and build a one-of-a-kind race car powered solely by gravity, then compete for medals in categories including speed, style, and creativity. Enjoy a cocktail with your group and cheer each other on to see who’s car emerges victorious.


Woodburning Team Workshop

In this live, in-person art course, attendees will learn the art of woodburning and how to use modern technology to apply classic artistic techniques to wood. Participants will have the chance to choose their own nibs and learn how different kinds of wood-burning tools produce different kinds of residual markings, as well as how to add lettering and complex designs to a piece of wood. After a few practice exercises to get everyone comfortable with the process, participants will have the chance to start working on their own, personalized wood-burnt pieces of art. Everyone will leave with a custom piece to display and they’ll have ample opportunity to share their work with their co-workers.

Beer Caddy Making Workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn how to make their very own wooden beer caddies using pre-cut, weathered wood. This beautiful handmade rustic-looking caddy can be used for drinks, plants, remote controls, or just as a decorative piece to show off around the house. In addition to learning how to assemble the caddy, each participant will be able to choose a finish color and learn how to paint the weathered effects onto the wood, giving it a rustic appearance without needing to rely on old wood. This event is a great choice for enticing team members who like the practical nature of the finished product and those who enjoy working with their hands.


Serving Board + Sign Making Workshop

In this in-person woodworking workshop, each participant will have the choice to make a practical serving board for dips, chips, and even charcuterie or a custom sign to hang on their walls. Highlighting the versatility of woodworking as a craft, this event will let everyone on your team express their creativity without requiring a ton of set-up since all of the materials and tools are provided, and nothing more than a screwdriver is needed to complete the finished project. Using chalkboard paint and wood finish, everyone will be able to make their sign or board unique to themselves and everyone will have time to share their work with the other attendees.

Glass & Bottle Painting Group Event

If you want to find a decorative glass course for your team, look no further than this glass and bottle painting activity. Participants will each be given a glass piece and the paints and supplies they need to transform it from an opaque bottle to a stunning piece of decorative art. In no time at all, everyone on your team will have their own custom-painted glass bottle to put on display and they’ll have learned just how easy the process is so they can keep painting their  excess glass to create beautiful collections and display pieces.


Why Enroll in a Woodworking and Stained Glass Class?

Enrolling in a woodworking, stained glass, or glass blowing class offers benefits that go beyond just acquiring new skills. These classes provide a hands-on experience in the rich traditions of craftsmanship and share techniques that have been passed down through generations. These are skills that have practical value around the house and they are great ways to create bespoke items for your home or to give as gifts.

Beyond the technical skills, woodworking, stained glass, and glass blowing classes offer a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that comes from creating something with your own hands. There is a reason that carpentry remains popular despite advances in mechanical technology and it has a lot to do with the tactile feeling of making something with your own hands and being able to show it off. While this is true of all artforms, woodworking offers the most practical and productive versions of this feeling that you can reasonably learn.

Choosing the Right Class for You

While woodworking, stained glass, and glass blowing will each have you working with your hands to create a unique and beautiful piece of craftsmanship, they all require unique skills and have different outcomes. In particular, each practice requires a different set of tools and access to a different set of supplies. While this may seem obvious, if you live in an apartment building in SoHo, it is unlikely that you’ll want to learn a skill that requires a power saw and belt sander. By contrast, if you are coming in from a suburban space, you can likely take on more elaborate tasks in your own garage. Likewise, learning how to make stained glass designs can be reasonably done in your own home, while no one has the blast furnace necessary to melt and shape molten glass. Consider how often you are interested in paying for studio or workshop time when you are deciding what kind of skills to pursue.

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