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Neurotic New Yorker quiz

Quiz: Which neurotic New Yorker are you?

Our scientific equation determines just how on-the-edge you are

New York is not for the faint of heart. It’s noisy, competitive, aggressive— (Omigod shut up already, you’re making us nervous!) Whether we love New York because we’re anxious or whether the city made us this way, most of us living here are a bit…high-strung. Take our handy-dandy quiz to find out where you fall on the scale of “just a little bonkers” to “kind of scary/please don’t hurt us.”
1. The line at Smorgasburg is 20-people deep. You:
2. A guy steps on your foot while walking past you on the street. You:
3. The subway is jam-packed, stalled…and then the lights go out. You:
4. What calms you down?
5. Hey, we all get stressed sometimes. What gets you wound up the most?
6. What do you dislike most about living in the city?
7. When you feel stressed, you typically:
8. Mood alterer of choice?

Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction

You’re not to be trifled with. Ever. If things don’t go your way—which is, you know, what everyone experiences in New York all the time—the people around you better watch out. Up your med dose, crazy.

George Costanza from Seinfeld

To you, everything is an inconvenience—and you take it as a personal insult. Overreacting is in your blood.

Hannah Horvath from Girls

You’re a bit on edge and tend to overanalyze every minute detail that ever happened you. Lighten up.

Alvy Singer from Annie Hall

You’re whiny (hey, in this city, we all deserve to gripe) but you’re also oddly charming in your own crazy way.

Sally Albright from When Harry Met Sally…

You have your quirks and you own them, but you’re more “quirky-cute” than “quirky-crazy.”

Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother

Neurotic? Me, bro? How about awesome in every way.

Anxiety in NYC

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