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Photograph: Filip Wolak

The Pillow Fight NYC guide

Relive the glory days of slumber-parties or release your built-up aggression during the largest pillow fight in NYC

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Time Out contributors

Ready to relive the golden years of your youth? Thanks to Pillow Fight NYC—one of the most popular and joyous things to do in spring in NYC—you can throw it back to the good ole days when you were a youngster, and the definition of fun included going to sleep-away summer camps and eating ice cream until you puked. Each year, thousands of Gothamites flock to one of New York’s finest NYC parks with their feather-less weapons in-hand for swinging, whacking and evading fellow pillow-wielding assailants. Don’t miss one of the best NYC events in April!

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When is the Pillow Fight NYC?

This year, Pillow Fight NYC falls on Saturday, April 7, 2018 and starts at 3pm and goes until 6pm.

What is the Pillow Fight NYC?

Forget all your stress and adult worries as you (softly) pummel strangers at New York’s annual International Pillow Fight. This flash mob—which has attracted over 5,000 participants in recent years—turns a portion of New York into the city’s bedroom. The only rules are to not hit hard, avoid smashing cameras and leave weapons of the feather variety at home (down pillows create a mess). According to the Facebook page, this year’s event is presented by

Where is the Pillow Fight NYC?

The location for the Pillow Fight NYC is Washington Square Park, but you’re encouraged to start your own pillow fight with your roommate, neighbors, etc. Check for updates.

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