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The best crêperies in Paris

Time Out's recommended restaurants and cafés for crêpes in the French capital

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Brittany’s most famous culinary export, the crêpe is everywhere in Paris. You’ll see numerous stands flaunting Nutella or ham & cheese pancakes across the city for about €4; but for the real thing, best with a traditional glass of cider, head to one of our pick of Parisian crêperie restaurants. If you know of any we've missed off our list, let us know in the comments box below or tweet us.

Breizh Café

With its modern interior of pale wood and its choice of 15 artisanal ciders, this outpost of a restaurant in Cancale, Brittany, is a world away from the average crêperie. For the complete faux-seaside experience, you might start with a plate of creuse oysters from Cancale before indulging in an inventive buckwheat galette such as the Cancalaise, made with potato, smoked herring from Brittany and herring roe. The choice of fillings is fairly limited, but the ingredients are of high quality...

The Marais

Little Breizh

Amongst the numerous crêperies in Paris few really stand out. Despite its location, in the middle of a very touristic street, Little Breizh promises something a little different with its creatively named crêpes (including Sea Chic and Say Cheese) and quality ingredients. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to make a booking via telephone (no one was answering) we decided to just turn up and given it was quite early, got a table. But the tiny room, with a Breton flag draped in front of the open plan kitchen... 



Krügen promises galettes made using the best ingredients available with a menu that features all the classics from Brittany, including the crêpe complète and galette with sausage. The latter is made perfectly, crispy on the outside, and stuffed with a savoury filling of confit onions and mustard, making for a meal that is delicious without weighing you down. You’ll definitely have room for dessert – perhaps a sweet crêpe or a ‘kouign’, a sort of pancake from Brittany...


With its sea-blue frontage, little bar looking out over the street and cute wooden décor, Bretons has fully embraced the owners’ Brittany roots. Of course, Brittany is also the region that brought us the crêpe, so they’ve got a lot to live up to on the culinary front. The first good sign is the alluring aroma of butter and buckwheat filtering outside from the kitchen. Inside you’ll spot a young ‘crêpier’ making buttery galettes from scratch – better and better. The owners (and siblings) Marie and Jérémie come from Saint-Malo, and it’s pretty clear they know their stuff. The menu has around 20 galettes and crepes to choose from, savoury and sweet, and all are made with organic buckwheat...

11th arrondissement

La Crêperie bretonne fleurie de l'épouse du marin

The spectacularly-named ‘flower-filled Breton crêperie run by a sailor's wife’ feels like the haunt of old sea-dogs, all wood, old posters, antique objects and postcards from all over the world, giving the place an immediate charm – a little piece of the ancient Brittany region of Armorica in the 11th.The menu offers a wide, if not exhaustive, choice of crêpes and galettes – the origin of the ingredients is carefully marked... 

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Mad Eo

When you pick a crêperie for lunch, you generally won’t be expecting a gastronomic experience, but something simple and good quality that doesn’t break the bank. Which shouldn’t be so hard to find in Paris, but is. That’s why Mad Eo, an unpretentious little place in the 3rd arrondissement, is something of a blessing. From the crêpe batter to the garnishes via the ciders and beers, everything here is artisanal, organic, largely gluten-free, sourced in Brittany and completely home-made...


West Country Girl

As any seasoned Normandy sailor will tell you, with galettes there are three crucial rules. First, salted butter – shame on anyone who tries to cook one with anything else. Second, cook it on the right side, leaving the open top – it’s amazing how many people get this wrong. Third, it’s a galette, not a ‘savoury crêpe’. You have been warned.All of which is to say that at West Country Girl, our hands are tied – the first two rules are respected to the letter, so we’re forced to forgive the blatant disregard of the third... 


Ti Jos

Behind a cracked white frontage, Breton crêperie and pub Ti Jos is all about simplicity. The Spartan décor features a few wooden chairs and tables – opened in 1932, the restaurant is the oldest crêperie in Montparnasse – but minimalist doesn’t mean charmless. In the evenings, when it’s crammed with hungry families and merry groups of friends, smelling slightly of cooking butter, the atmosphere is as jolly as an Irish bar.The menu opens with buckwheat galettes: with ribot fermented milk (€5.50)... 


Pancake Sisters

We've had restaurants devoted to rolls, chips, even balls – now in the ‘weirdly amazing themed menu’ category, here's the Pancake Sisters, who do exactly what they say on the tin. That's three pancake-themed meals a day – in innumerable different colours, flavours, flour types and dietary permutations. They're a roaring succes, too – book ahead to secure a table at this popular Canal Saint-Martin spot, or take yours to go. Try a 'panster' (a savoury sandwich made with two pancakes plus filling)... 

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Canal Saint Martin


The star crêperie of the area, and the one with the longest queues, is the prettily decorated Josselin, where the speciality is the Couple - two layers of galette with the filling in the middle. The savoury galette is followed by the dessert Crêpe de Froment, which comes in three varieties: classic (honey and lemon or wonderful caramel beurre salé); flambéed with calvados; or a fantasy creation oozing with chocolate, banana, ice cream and whipped cream. Wash it all down with bowls of cider... 

Montparnasse and south Paris
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I agree with Greg. Des Crepes et des Cailles is just fab!

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