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Restaurants in San Diego

From well-established local favorites to the latest hot tables, discover a variety of restaurants in San Diego

Craving a delicious burger or giant slice of pizza? What about Chinese food in your hood? Find out where to fill up with this list of local restaurants curated by the Time Out community. San Diego never tasted so good.


Kaley H

Great post! I think all the restaurants you chose are splendid, and now there are a few like CUCINA Urbana that I absolutely have to try!

I put together this list of 25 San Diego restaurants that are the most popular on Instagram. There's a lot of overlap between your list, but also some interesting ways in which the two diverge. You can check it out here: https://jumpermedia.co/san-diego-most-popular.../

Sorry for the shameless blog promo, but I think it's VERY relevant to this post - maybe even worth adding as a contextual link :)