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Photograph: Instagram/@bhankadraws

9 local LGBTQ+ artists to follow Instagram

Be inspired by the artworks of these local LGBTQ+ illustrators and animators. By Tiffany

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Time Out Singapore editors

In a world where people feel invisible or neglected, many turn to art as a creative way to express how they feel. This freedom of expression acts as a form for escapism for when their problems feel too hard to bear. But more importantly, their works offer a way to connect with others who might be going through the same thing, creating a tight-knit community of artists who have each others backs.

This Pride Month, we celebrate the up-and-coming LGBTQ+ illustrators, painters, and animators of Singapore. It's something we should all do even beyond the month of June. Be inspired by their creative spirit and find out more about how you can support them while adding a splash of colour to your life.

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Gabrielle Chong (Gab/Kai)

They/them (@kaithebox)

As a freelance visual artist and animator, they tend to experiment with colours, strong shapes and the various techniques of creating art. Storytelling is incredibly essential to the work they produce, and often intertwines with emotional narratives in their artwork – this is best seen in their animation and video work. While they're not taking on any commissions, for now, they definitely deserve a Follow on the 'gram.


He/they (@sneils.png)

This pansexual artist prides themself in producing joyful, gay, and wholesome art that's sometimes loud and proud in the best way possible. Their art style is heavily inspired by children’s
book illustrations – think Rebecca Elgar – and the aesthetics of retro toys from the 80s to 90s. They enjoy mixing nostalgic aesthetics with LGBTQ+ themes in their artwork. Can't get enough of their artwork? They're taking commissions now.


Bart Seng

He/him (@antibart)

Bart’s artwork is primarily interested in the roles fantasies and desires play out in modern life, as well as how they complicate intersectional identities. His form of storytelling is experimental, visual, contemporary, and alternative. And his creations work like empathetic and affectionate poetry of an alternate world. The artist also has a self-published book for purchase and is open for commissioned shoots and print sales too.


She/her (@bhankadraws)

This bisexual artist vibrantly weaves in stories through her artwork by using colours and world-building to bridge the gap between the everyday and the extraordinary. Her art style
tends to the whimsical and is reminiscent of impressionist paintings, incorporating a variety of mediums to achieve this. She's currently working on a fresh website and shop, so follow her for all the deets and updates. She's taking on commissions too.



She/her (@suiyobi_noyoubi)

Suiyobi's attention-grabbing art draws a lot of inspiration from anime nostalgia and pop culture from the 80s and 90s. Her art style is a curious blend of soda pop and shoegaze-loud, bright and bold. If it's not that obvious, the artist's portfolio oozes girl power – bringing plenty of cool (and cute) female characters to life. Snap up her prints at She's also open to commissions.


She/her (@melloweentea)

One take, and you can tell that Carrie's art style is greatly inspired by music and pop art. She mostly makes art based on
songs, movies, bands, or TV shows she loves and is inspired by. She mostly does portraits, and her art stands out in their unique characterisation, as well as their bright and vivid colours. While she's taking on commissions, she's also taking donations via ko-fi.



She/her (@nikkei.dex)

Experimenting with various visual styles and themes, this queer artist's masterpieces are easily described as expressive, emotional, and passionate. It's through her art that Nikkei tries to convey elements of beauty, humour, fear and comfort. While she's currently not taking on commissions, she's selling her eye-catching illustrated prints online.

Joy Ho

She/they (@feever_dreem)

Joy self-described their illustrations as “scratchy dogs and smiley faces” that go beyond just lines and colour. Much of their art is strongly tied to representation, education, advocacy and activism. They have previously collaborated with groups such as New Naratif and Queer Zinefest. While commissions are currently closed, they have some exciting new creations up their sleeves – follow them for updates.


Annie Hung

She/her (@uuuunyy)

This illustrator and animator is known for bringing ideas surrounding body positivity, sexual exploration, sexuality, personal identity and cats to her canvas. She depicts the joyful and harsh realities of life through bright hues and quirky doodles. Get acquainted with her artworks via her online portfolio. And if you want one for keeps, her inbox is open for commissions.

More local artists to follow

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