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Best cocktails in Singapore

Whether you need a stiff drink or a refreshing tipple, you'll find the best cocktails in Singapore right here

By Time Out Singapore editors
EO Gimlet
Photo: Emilie Baltz

EO Gimlet

Bars and pubs Cocktail bars Chinatown
Try it at Employees Only

The modest cocktail of gin and lime cordial ($28) is given a Singaporean twist and an added punch. Cloudy with a tinge of green, the Gimlet is an intoxicating mix of Perry's Tot Navy Strength Gin, and lime juice sweetened with agave and perfumed with kaffir leaves. Delicious.

Reversed gin and tonic

Bars and pubs Orchard
Try it at The Other Room

Here’s a riff on the classic: The Other Room tailors its own in-house tonic to match the Martin Miller’s gin used, and infuses it with pink peppercorn, cucumber, lemon, grapefruit and cardamom before smoking the cocktail. The result? A dry, smoky and wonderfully crisp beverage ($23) that, thanks to the spices and herbs, dances on the palate.
The Gibson
Photograph: Gibson

The Gibson

Bars and pubs Cocktail bars Outram
Try it at Gibson

Start the night with Eguchi’s take on the classic Gibson martini, made with gin and vermouth then garnished with an onion ($23). He uses two kinds of gin – Hendrick’s and Monkey 47 – and Dolin Vermouth de Chambéry to give a botanical complexity to the simple cocktail. Each comes with a piquant and briny trio of pickled pearl onion, pickled cabbage and smoked quail egg to munch on between sips.

Five Foot Assassin

Bars and pubs Raffles Place
Try it at 28 Hong Kong Street

This is the frozen daiquiri in its freshest reincarnation yet. Named after the late rapper Phife Dawg, the Five Foot Assassin ($22) adds to the tropical rum slushie a fun swirl of coconut pandan cream, a hint of nutmeg, and tapioca balls and soaked in Angostura bitters.

Raspberry Moonshine Milo

Bars and pubs Raffles Place
Try it at The Secret Mermaid

Once illegal in the US, moonshine is a high-proof spirit distilled from corn mash. It has since shed its bad rep and is now sold commercially by distilleries such as Batch 206, where D’Cruz gets her bottles of Seven Star Moonshine from. She infuses it with dehydrated raspberries for a fruity aroma then mixes it with Milo to create what regulars call ‘alcoholic Milo peng’ ($20).

Yuzu Shuriken

Bars and pubs Orchard

Try it at Horse's Mouth

Its main ingredient is yuzu sake, accentuated by peppermint and a Sauvignon Blanc syrup. Pavan liqueur, made from Muscat grapes and orange blossoms, gives the cocktail ($26) its sangriaesque notes, while a splash of gin ensures it’s more potent than your average summertime thirst quencher.


'Solera'-aged Negroni

Bars and pubs Cocktail bars Orchard
Try it at Manhattan Bar

The solera (Spanish for ‘on the ground’) technique of ageing liquids originated from the Iberian Peninsula and refers to the process of continuously blending different ages of wines or spirits in a barrel. Manhattan treats its Negroni the same way, achieving a richer cocktail ($25) with a heightened bitterness.

Apple Miso

Bars and pubs Tanjong Pagar
Try it at Operation Dagger

Inspired by a dessert from chef Andrew Mconells at Melbourne’s Supernormal restaurant, the Apple Miso ($25) distils the flavours of fermented red apples and red miso in a tedious four-part recipe. Ingredients are cooked sous vide, mixtures strained using a fine muslin cloth, then whisked and boiled. Savoury with intense umami notes, the tipple is also served with a sesame caramel crisp that you should skip – its bitterness overpowers the cocktail.

Old Fashioned

Bars and pubs Tanjong Pagar
Try it at Spiffy Dapper 

It’s off the menu, but Spiffy Dapper does a mean Old Fashioned ($24). The cocktail is as balanced as it should be: it’s neither too tall nor too short, is only lightly perfumed with citrus, and the slight sweetness doesn’t overwhelm the bitters – or viceversa. Just pick your spirit (we went for a fairly common Kentucky bourbon) and let the bartender do the rest.

Cin Cin Martini

Bars and pubs Cocktail bars Tanjong Pagar
Try it at Cin Cin

With over 100 labels of gin sitting slick behind the counter, Cin Cin lets you have a martini your way. Let the bartender know your choice of gin and if you prefer a sweet, medium or dry vermouth. The signature Cin Cin Martini ($20) stars a Togarashi-infused Lillet Blanc, which adds a subtle note of heat to the drink.

Marie-Galante Mojito

Bars and pubs Outram
Try it at Bago

The Caribbean-inspired Bago’s Marie-Galante Mojito ($22) is a less carbonated version of the classic,  made with elderflower soda water. The drink is wellbalanced: bitter grapefruit juice combines well with  tart lemon juice, while the zing of fresh mint leaves a sweet aftertaste.
Daiquiri, classic cocktail
Photo: Todd Beltz

El Floridita Daiquiri

Bars and pubs Pubs Raffles Place
Try it at Skinny's Lounge

A classic with a twist. In addition to the trinity of main ingredients, its El Floridita Daiquiri ($20) sees the addition of maraschino liqueur, which lends a subtle bitter note to the drink. Served with crushed ice and a wedge of lime, the cocktail is perfect for chilling by the River.
Negroni, classic cocktail
Photo: Martia Punts


Bars and pubs Izakaya Tanjong Pagar
Try it at Shin Gi Tai

Take your time with Shin Gi Tai’s Negroni ($25) – a silky concoction over which sits a block of clear ice – or you’ll find yourself in a too-sweet spot, since it’s heavy on the vermouth. Still, it’s a clean drink perfumed by citrus and makes for a refreshing palate opener.
Singapore Sling, classic cocktail
Photo: Caroline Pang

Singapore Sling

Bars and pubs Cocktail bars Tanjong Pagar
Try it at Jigger and Pony

One of the best places for classic cocktails is Jigger and Pony. Put together by Diageo World Class 2016 winner Boo Jing Heng, the bar’s menu is split between classic, vintage and signature cocktails, each priced at $22. Its Singapore Sling is made with pineapple juice squeezed on-site (instead of from the carton) so it’s less sickly sweet compared to other variations.

Pisco sour

Bars and pubs Cocktail bars Raffles Place
Try it at Vasco

We’re on Team Peru (sorry, Chile) with this one: Vasco’s delicately balanced pisco sour ($20) is the consummate Peruvian classic, finished with a egg white cap that’s foamy, creamy and fragrant with notes of citrus. Or try the full-bodied Santiago Sour ($22), which incorporates Chilean pisco with vino, Chuncho bitters, lemon and egg white.

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Employees Only
Photo: Employees Only Singapore

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