The best cocktails of 2017

We drank our way through the city in 2017. Here are our top five cocktails of the year. *hic*

Photography by: Ahmad Iskandar Photography

Singapore is home to some of the world's best bars. Manhattan made the top 10 in this year's World's 50 Best Bars list and while it makes some amazing drinks, we think these other bars and their cocktails deserve a big shout too.

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Smoke & Mirrors

From Smoke & Mirrors

A tipple so good, it’s named after the bar. Smoke & Mirrors’ signature cocktail is a drinker’s drink – strong and spirit forward, it’s made with a tequila base and a hint of herbs and spices. It’s complemented with an edible garden complete with apple ‘stones’ covered in a gummy clay and a ‘soil’ of raw pistachios and cocoa powder spiced with cardamom, which changes the profile of the cocktail and highlights its bitter and spicy notes.


City Hall


From Crackerjack

Here’s one for the coffee addicts. If you’re looking for something a little boozier than Crackerjack’s regular ol' espresso then here’s the solution. The Ticonderoga mixes rye whiskey and Averna coffee to concoct a bitter and smoky beverage that still goes down easy thanks to the addition of smoked maple and black walnut for a touch of sweetness. You definitely won't be sleepy after knocking back a couple of glasses of this.


Tanjong Pagar

Planter's Punch

From 28Hongkong Street

This pretty drink that looks like something you’d get while on a beach vacay. It's stolen our hearts due to its combination of tart, sweet and floral flavours all in one sip. There’s Plantation Jamaica 2001 rum in there alongside hibiscus grenadine, Darjeeling tea, angostura bitters and fresh citrus. It’s cute, refreshing and complex. No worries that it isn't the most masculine looking drink around – the bar's dark anyway so we're sure no one will notice.


Raffles Place

The Atlas Martini

From Atlas

With over 1,000 bottles available on its tower of gin, Atlas is the place to visit for a solid martini. It usually stirs one up with London dry gin but you can choose any variety you fancy, from Scottish to modern French. Ambrato vermouth, orange bitters and champagne vinegar are added for an extra kick so you know you won’t be getting your average martini here – it's crisp and invigorating like a gust of wind in winter. And God knows we need more of these experiences in sunny Singapore.



Old Fashioned Way

From The Other Room

It’s only apt to have an Old Fashioned when you go to The Other Room – a bar that makes you feel like you’re drinking in secret during the prohibition. And while every bar in Singapore does a version of this classic cocktail, the one here is made with angostura bitters, chocolate bitters, a dash of whisky and Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva rum that’s been finished in-house in a port cask. What a cocktail, what a year.