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A guide to the best seats at the Singapore National Stadium for different types of concertgoers

Stand or sit, left or right, let us help you out

Mingli Seet
Written by
Mingli Seet

The Singapore National Stadium, also known as the Kallang National Stadium, is Singapore's world class all-weather sports and concert venue. Dating all the way back to the 1980s, the venue has hosted superstars like David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Fast forward to recent times, we’ve had Billie Ellish, Harry Styles, Guns N' Roses and Maroon 5 gracing the arena. Not to mention, two highly anticipated upcoming acts that will be performing at the venue in 2024 – Coldplay and Taylor Swift

With a capacity of 55,000, the National Stadium holds the title for being the largest dome in the world and this can definitely make selecting seats stressful and challenging. If we are being honest, there’s no such thing as the “best seats.” It all depends on what kind of concert goer you are. Do you prefer standing and dancing? Or would you rather sit and chill out to your favourite songs? 

Whichever it is, fret not because we've brainstormed all possible angles to create a handy guide to help you find the perfect seats for your concert-going style. Do note that the seating arrangement may differ from concert to concert, so it is not wise to follow the exact categories and seat numbers but rather using the guide to gauge which seats geographically have the view that you would prefer. 

With this, hopefully your next concert booking will be slightly less nerve wrecking. Now all that’s left to do is to get ahead of the queue, secure your tickets and have a blast!

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The best seats for...

Fussy casual fans

You want to sit and chill with unobstructed views of the artist

The first category of seats to the left and right of the stage will be your best bet. We would suggest getting a row higher than the first and second just to elevate your views a little. If you’re slightly tight on budget, then buying the seats from the second category will promise you pretty good views too.

Floor right:

Floor left:

@sausagesizzlemy Wonder how View at CAT 2 nasional stadium bukit jalil is? Here you go 🤩 #musicofthespheresworldtour #vivalavida #coldplay #sausagesizzlemy ♬ original sound - coldplay

Unfussy casual fans

You’re just here for the music, want to sit, and don’t necessarily need a good view of the artist 

Cheapest seats work here. However, since you may be particular about the audio quality, we recommend spending a little bit more and getting the tickets directly facing the stage for better acoustics, even if you are opting for backseats. Get a pair of binoculars for key moments.

Seats directly in front of the stage, but positioned at the back:

@indiradhanyss Tentukan posisi terbaikmu nonton coldplay di singapore besok gaes🤩🙌🏽 #konsercoldplay ♬ A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay

Spend a little more for a clearer view – seats directly in front of the stage, but positioned slightly more in front, right behind the standing pen:

@___1ww posted this particular clip to show yall the view of both main and extended stages from my section!! this was 221, row 16 (but was actually the 4th row bc their rows start w 13 🤷🏻‍♀️) i really wasnt planning on taking full videos for this show but i just had to for some songs like left and right bc i had such a good view?!? 🫠🤣 #seventeen #svt #bethesun #bethesuninsingapore #bethesuninsg #singaporeindoorstadium ♬ original sound - kk


Broke fans

You’re low on budget, want to sit, are just there to soak up the vibes and can compromise on the view

Just go for the cheapest seats. They are good enough. Similarly, binoculars are your best friend. Go for the furthest seats from the stage as they are usually cheaper, but we still recommend getting the ones that are positioned on the left and right of the stages.

Cheap seats on the right of stage with reasonable views:

Serial dancers

You want to jump and dance your heart out

Two words – standing pen. There’s a high chance that you will get a good view depending on the person standing in front of you. But it is definitely the best choice if you’re one for dancing. And if you’re a slightly more hardcore fan, then priority standing is recommended. Being closer to the stage will also mean that you might be able to hear the artist’s actual voice if the mic glitches. Also, remember to look out for obstructions like delay towers and front of houses. 

Standing Pen view:

@motioninzeocean From the 2017 archives - truly the best way to experience Coldplay. Excited for the Singapore leg! 💥 #Coldplay #coldplayconcert #coldplayinsingapore #MOTSWT @coldplay ♬ original sound - melissa


Die-hard fans

You’ve waited a million years for this moment and need the ultimate experience

Go VIP or go home, dude.

Seats to avoid

Restricted views

Look out for seats with restricted views indicated on the seating map. Although not all seats under that indication are with a restricted view, if you’re particular about getting a clear view, then avoid this category at all costs. 

People getting lucky with restricted view seatings with no restricted views:

@jyjeez For your reference, this is RESTRICTED VIEW ticket at Singapore Indoor Stadium. TXT concert CAT 8, 311, row 28. It’s not restricted at all, you just have to sit tall and you can see everything from two stage plus great full stadium view. Don’t hesitate to get restricted view seat gurl 💯💯💯 #singapore #indoorstadium #singaporeindoorstadium #restrictedview #311 #row28 #concert #kpop #ticket #ticketmaster #txtconcert ♬ original sound - Trang Đặng


First row seats aren’t always the best

The first row of the categories that are directly behind the standing pen have been called out as the worst seats in the arena. The view is completely obstructed, without the option to stand because that might mean blocking the people behind you. 

@eatplaytogather sharing my encounter for my seats that was at same floor level n eyeview level is lower than the standing zone. whole concert was very unpleasant. @sgsportshub @livenationsg @bp_tiktok #fyp #sgtiktok #tittok #bornpinkworldtour #mustsharenews #blackpinkinyourarea #liveconcert #nationalstadium #concertview #seatingplan #kpop #koreamusic #bornpinkworldtour2023 #bornpinkworldtoursingapore #bornpink #seatingplan ♬ original sound - eatplaytogather

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