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Decibel Studios
Decibel Studios Instruments

The best music studios to jam at in Singapore

Drum roll please... here are the best music studios to jam at in Singapore

By Cam Khalid and Jude Elliot Tan

Looking to jam, practice or record with the band? Ask us to name one thing we can't get enough of, and we'll easily tell you it's music. Besides scoring tickets to the next upcoming concert, curating excessive Spotify or iTunes playlists and unwinding at a live music venue, it's also best to polish those virtuosic skills if you plan on keeping that rockstar dream alive. Here are eight affordable jamming studios in Singapore that are fully-equipped with top-notch instruments and systems.

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Decibel Studios

Music Music venues Orchard

Located opposite Hard Rock Café, Decibel Studios is the best place to reside to when the music gets to you – or if you’re simply looking for a cosy, well-maintained studio to jam in. With the owners being frequent jammers themselves, they are aware of exactly what any casual musician is looking for to let the tunes take charge. Besides a comfortable space to become the next Ed Sheeran or Adam Levine, the studio is also stocked with free drinks, phone chargers, and equipment that promises a warm and welcoming environment to get lost in your sound. At $27/hour, booking a jamming session is easy on their website here.

Live AMP Studios

Live AMP Studio

Music Music venues Tanjong Pagar

A jamming studio that has found a perfect balance between classy and homey - cosily furnished with carpets on a wooden tiled floor in colour co-ordinated rooms. To add on, the auralex foam boards add a stylish modern zest to the jamming arena as you rock on with their drums, piano and many guitars and basses provided. With multiple different room sizes, you are sure to find one that complements your sound and is able to accomadate your band and groupees. With the smallest studio priced at only $20/hour, and the biggest at $35/hour, begin your journey in becoming the next musical legend.  


Music Ensemble

Music Rochor

If your jamming session includes turning up the decibels, go all the way with a fully-equipped, sound-proofed studio at Music Ensemble. Known as 'the studio with the red walls', this distinctive music space conveniently sits behind SOTA and houses four studios loaded with instruments, microphones, Wi-Fi and selfie sticks for all your recordings. Room bookings are relatively affordable as compared to other studios, starting at $18 per hour. You can also expand your gear over at its retail store where you can snap up anything from earplugs to amps.  

The Analog Factory

Music Woodlands

Surround yourself with Scandinavian aesthetics as you jam out to your heart's content. With wide windows and decorative lamps, the studios here are bathed in warm light and decked with modern wood wool boards with diffusing pinewood lined up on the ceiling, doubling up as a soundproofed panels. Along with a massive music backline, each room is equipped to cater to a wide range of genres, from classical music to hard rock. Standard gear includes a Tama Starclassic Bubinga 5-Piece, Marshall JCM 2000 Half Stack and Ampeg PF350 and Ampeg 4X10 Cabinet.


The Music Parlour

Music City Hall

For a cosy jamming and recording sesh, look no further than the Music Parlour. Sharing the same space with music shops and services, it's also home to three industrial studios. The rooms range from small to extra large and are divisible by retractable panels, so if you decide to mass rock out, the rooms can be altered to accommodate more than 20 people. Want to put on an intimate show? You can also book the rooms for your mini-gig a la local artists Charlie Lim and Joie Tan.   

Plugged Studios

Music Orchard

When it comes to affordability, no one does it like Plugged Studios. The owners are musicians themselves so they know how to ensure your sessions are well-equipped and that all your jamming needs are met. The studio has two cosy rooms – $17 per hour for the small and $25 for the large – loaded with grade-A equipment and decent acoustics. Rooms are also available to book for late-night practices.  


The Basement Studio

Music Kallang

Rather than going down to the basement as its name suggests, climb up Golden Mile Tower to find a space that's well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities fit for practices, recordings and playful jamming sessions. Despite welcoming avid music jammers of all levels, the Basement Studios is relatively hot for those serious about their craft, even opening its space for 24 hours on Saturdays.   

Lithe House

Music Rochor

An intimate space for artists and musicians to host gigs and other performances. Lithe House also provides recording and rehearsal services for musicians who need. Situated a short walk from Rochor MRT, this centrally-located studio is also a great hideout for artists and musicians so chances of meeting other like-minded people is high. 

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