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Ultra Mask
Photograph: Ultra Mask

Everything you need to know about the free Ultra Masks

Yes, the free mask given out to the residents has a name

Delfina Utomo
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Delfina Utomo

The third mask distribution exercise is currently underway. Here are some things you need to know: the make are made in Singapore, antibacterial, and yes, really free – but do note that you're only allowed one mask per person so don't try scoring more from the officials. So, what else is special about this mask? And if I want to stock up, can I buy more? We cover all your questions about the Ultra Mask.

What is it made of and why is it special?

Two layers of the three-ply mask are made from organic cotton and plant extracts that contain anti-bacterial properties. The materials also won't agitate sensitive skin. The inner layer absorbs moisture and provides a cooling sensation for the wearer. The mask's anti-bacterial technology can kill 99 percent of the common bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, frequently found on skin and respiratory tract.

Can it protect me from Covid-19?

We can't guarantee that for sure but wearing the mask can protect the wearer from airborne particles as small as PM 2.5, such as dust, allergens, metals, combustion particles, bacteria, mould, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. This means that you'll be well protected from most of the nasties in the air. And you won't be spreading your germs to others.

Is it reusable and how do I clean it?

1. Wash both sides of the mask with room temperature water.
2. Rub a little soap on both sides and rub gently.
3. Wash away the soap and hang it to dry – never iron the mask when it is dry.
4. Store it back in the ziplock bag it came in when it is dry. 

You must never twist or wring the mask to dry. Avoid using bleach, softener or detergent that contains fluorescent agent. You can also wash your mask up to 30 times. 

Great, are there sizes?

There are four sizes available – XS, S, M and L. The XS and S sizes are for children while M and L are for adults. 

How do I collect them?

From now till June 14, you can collect your mask from community centres, resident committee centres or at the individual's convenience from 24-hour vending machines located in all CCs. Read our guide to collecting these masks in Singapore.

I've already washed it more than 30 times, is there anywhere I can buy a new one?

Yes, you can but these ultra masks for $9.90 on the official website

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