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Let's be clear, Singapore is anything but boring

Singapore Ultra

By now, you must've heard of the Time Out City Life Index, a survey of 15,000 people on what they think about life in their cities. Turns out, Singapore didn't fare too well in the run to become the world's most exciting city – we clocked in at 31 out of 32 cities.

The word 'boring' might have been thrown around but we beg to differ. We're only 2 days into February and we can already point out 7 times Singapore proved it was exciting in 2018. We don't know about you, but memories of large-scale light projections at the Light to Night Festival and dancing all night to cool acts like Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals at Laneway Festival are still pretty fresh in our mind. 

Apparently, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) thinks the same too. Here's a tongue-in-cheek video made by them that shows just how 'boring' Singapore is. (P.S. Not at all)




Jack W

We need Disneyland, Legoland (instead of Malaysia), a theme town with European architecture (including English castles, English village, English town, Paris, Colmar, Venice, Oia all in one place), an American town with Victorian buildings, a garden of hedgehogs and European/American/Australian wildlife, Japan town, Korea town, western art museum, natural history museum in a classic building, cartoon museum, indeed everything that a Singaporean would like to see if he can’t travel by plane. These things, though not Singaporean, will appeal to both Singaporeans and foreigners and make this country less boring. Universal Studios, though beautiful, has a castle that cannot be climbed up and explored and the New York attraction has empty lifeless windows. The Gardens by the Bay doesn’t have many garden animals to make it lively either. Also hope that the Zoo has a real icy land for the polar bears. Or maybe HDB shophouses can have some Irish/French/Dutch/Meditteranean styles to their designs.