Osteria Mozza opens for lunch with Nancy Silverton’s pizzas

Pizzas are back with 10 signature pizzas exclusively available during lunch. But are they better than before?

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Osteria Mozza Pizzas
Photograph: Osteria Mozza

When Osteria Mozza first launched back in June, the Cal-Italian concept launched with much success even without Nancy Silverton’s famous pizzas. But that was definitely a part that was dearly missed and Silverton knows just that. “Many of our guests could not wait to taste our unique style of wood-fired pizzas again in Singapore. Our pizzas have evolved further since then, and we are thrilled to bring what we think are the best pizzas we have ever made,” said Nancy Silverton, Co-Owner of Osteria Mozza.

A day trip to LA

September 1 sees the launch of the lunch experience where dining in is supposed to feel like a casual day trip to Los Angeles. Flooded with natural light, the space turns bright and airy, turning up the conviviality of the Tuscan living room – a stark contrast to the nighttime ambience and offerings.

Osteria Mozza Nancy's Chopped Salad
Photograph: Osteria Mozza

Before you load up the carbs, whet your appetites with Nancy’s superlative salads, made just like how she enjoys them. Savour on a dose of the refreshing Nancy’s chopped salad ($26) that features a bright and punchy oregano vinaigrette – the crowd favourite, if you may. Prefer a little protein in your salads? Go with either the pan-fried shrimp caesar ($30) or the hearty roasted chicken salad ($26).

There are 10 signature pizzas showcasing an array of expertly sourced and prepared ingredients. For lighter cleaner flavours, go with Silverton’s all-time favourite, the Burrata ($40) served with slow-roasted tomatoes and Silician oregano. Mushroom lovers, don’t sleep on the Funghi ($36). It is an earthy expression of portobello, oyster, shiitake and button mushrooms complemented with nutty fontina, mild taleggio and a touch of thyme.

Osteria Mozza Bianca
Photograph: Dawson Tan

Though it was the Bianca ($34) that left us wanting more. It is a simple amalgamation of three kinds of cheese – the truffle-kissed sottocenere stood out against the distinctively savoury fontina – and crispy fried sage. For those looking for a heartier lunch, go with the Fennel Sausage ($40). Think juicy meatballs resting on a vibrant base of red onion, scallion, mozzarella and dusted with fennel pollen and olive oil – this one eats like a warm hug. And if the flavours seem oddly familiar, all fingers point to the same fennel sausage mix from Silverton’s famous Orecchiette ($32) served during dinner.

Osteria Mozza BLT
Photograph: Osteria Mozza

Another hearty choice is the BLT ($38), a riff on the American classic sandwich which also happens to be a Singapore exclusive – the folks in LA don’t even get to enjoy this pie. Gems of tomato confit, nutty rucola, smoky bacon and guanciale followed by healthy drizzles of onion cream and aioli make for a darn-satisfying mouth-watering bite. A must-have on the menu.

On a knead-to-know basis

We’re no stranger to Silverton’s obsession with perfection. Now, the pizzas are back with a new dough recipe she has perfected. Each day around 7 am, the dough is made fresh using a special blend of two kinds of King Arthur bread flour, blended with spelt and rice flour. The dough is so fresh that we were told that the kitchen isn’t allowed to keep it after each service due to the super active yeast. Not that there will ever be much leftover after lunch but it is a great indicator of Silverton’s quality assurance and commitment.

After a trip into the custom wood stone wood-burning pizza oven fired with California almond wood, the result is an ultra airy cornicione and a thinly crisp base with a deep beautiful tang from sourdough flavours. Sounds great but is it better than before? A resounding yes! She is, after all, the sourdough maven for a reason. But before you make a beeline for the evening, know that the pizzas are only served during lunch.

You heard it from us first

Fancy catching the American celebrity chef in action? Make sure to book your seats from September 19 to 23 as Silverton will be on the floor doing one of her regular visits.

Book here.

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