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The King and The Pawn
Photography: Facebook/The King and The Pawn

The best board game cafés in Singapore

Growing up doesn’t mean you need to stop having fun. Feel like a child again at these board game cafés in Singapore

By Jude Elliot Tan

Instead of perpetuating the end of your adolescents by going to cafés with assignments and work, rejuvenate your youth with a roll of a dice. Relive your childhood with old school board games at Old School Delights, or discover new ones at Settler’s Café. Either way, these cafés are sure to free that inner-child trapped inside of you. Whether it’s for your endless quest in search for the next dungeon or to investigate who the murderer is, these board game cafés are sure to be the taverns to your adventures.

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Sunny Pair O Dice
Photography: Facebook/Sunny Pair O Dice

Sunny Pair O Dice

Things to do Bukit Merah

Find your community at this gamer's paradise where you can buy a selection of board games and gaming accessories (like really pretty dice sets), and also stay and play some games with your group of friends. Find puzzle games, fantasy games and roleplaying games like the much-loved Dungeons and Dragons. The store also hosts weekly game nights so if you much prefer staying in letting your imagination run wild and living epic adventures with like-minded sorts, this is your spot.  

Team Board Game
Photography: Facebook/Team Board Game

Team Board Game

Things to do Geylang

Do away with hourly fees or table prices – for $3 per person, you can pick and choose any game in the library at Team Board Game and play with a group of friends. The store located in Macpherson has a large collection of modern board games which are also for sale. So if you thoroughly enjoyed playing that game of Star Wars: Armada or Settlers of Catan, you can also bring it home. Or continue returning to Team Board Game for sessions. 


King and the Pawn

Restaurants Cafés City Hall

King and the Pawn is like that cool rich friend’s house that is filled with all the latest board games. Its stylish and cosy, living room-like interior makes you feel right at home and welcomed as you explore their collection of more than 300 board games. You’ll be sure to find a board game to fit any occasion, group size and age for just $8 per person on Tuesday to Thursday, and $13 per person from Friday to Sunday. As their game gurus get you accustomed, feel free to chow down on your favourite comfort foods along with a drink of your preference. Also, if you are a student, enjoy a 20 percent discount every Tuesday to Thursday.

Experience Point

Things to do Games and hobbies Kallang

Most board game cafés may offer typical titles like Risk or Scrabble, but not at this geek space. At Experience Point, it is believed that there is no point in sitting around a table for hours, waiting for your misery to end by the strongest player. Instead, tabletop gaming is taken much more seriously – and by that, we mean that only the most fun and competitive games are available. Every single one of their 200 games has been personally played and tested out by its staff, to guarantee maximum thrill and excitement throughout the entire game. Being only a five-minute walking distance away from Lavender MRT, and only costs a cheap $4 per hour ($12 for the entire day), Experience Point is sure to be your next gaming arena.


Battle Bunker

Shopping Rochor

With a community camaraderie as unique as Battle Bunker's, you'd be sure to meet new friends to tag along on your quest of games, if you had forgotten to bring your own. The friendly staff will help you get accustomed to their regulars, as well as their library of board games – ranging from casual party games to intense turn-by-turn games. All you have to do to enjoy this is pay a $10 fee (either for an hour or person, depending on the selected board game) and purchase a beverage. 


Restaurants Cafés Jurong East

At Coffeemin, you can finally get that playroom that you’ve always dreamt of as a kid. With its artistically designed space that perfectly balances childish and sophisticated, this café is the place to do whatever you wanted to do as a child, but as an adult. Just as long as you respect the space and the others you share it with. With their many board games, such as Taboo, Saboteur, and many video games, it becomes too easy to forget about all your adult problems. On weekdays, an hour only costs $6.50 per person while the weekends cost an additional $2 – with an additional $1 for every ten minutes for both cases. 


Settler's Café

Restaurants Raffles Place

As the café that began the board gaming whilst munching on snacks trend in 2003, Settler’s Café has a lot in store for the casual board game enthusiast. With an extensive collection of more than 600 game titles, you’ll be sure to have an endless amount of fun, with free flow of drinks at hand, as you try them all out with your pals. With their great variety of food and beverages, tie them together with your gaming experience by purchasing one of their many packages, such as the Dining Gaming, Dessert Gaming, Cocktail Gaming and many more.

The Mind Cafe

Restaurants Cafés River Valley

The Mind Cafe is home to a plethora of board games, with over 500 game titles, as well as a lovable bunch of employees who aim to put a smile on your face. This cosy little corner is a great place to forget about all your worries, and rejuvenate through some classic board games like Monopoly and Scrabble. As proclaimed expert game show planners, give Mind Cafe a call and leave it to them to organize and host a Game Show Event for whatever group you plan on bringing. If not, just pay an entrance fee of $5 per person for an hour with their board games.


Old School Delights

Restaurants Cafés Chinatown

Step into this unique cafe and feel yourself being transported back to your school days. With the menu being drawn on blackboards with chalk in bold fonts and the brick-and-mortar laid out of the rustic café, it is sure to bring back memories of the good ol' school days. Unlike the other board game cafes, Old School Delights sticks true to its name with old-school traditional games such as five stones, gasing (spinning top) and Old Maid. Order some food and you can get to play these classic games for free.

Play Nation

Restaurants Cafés River Valley

Being one of the more popular board game cafés, Play Nation has an eclectic array of games, from regular board games to fun video games to play with friends. Get their board game package from $6.50 per hour for a selected timing and console game from $7.90 per hour. 

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