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Find me a date: Pui Ying and Brandon

These city kids ditched Tinder and let us play matchmaker. Here’s a blow-by-blow account of their blind date

By Kristie Teo |
FMAD: Pui Ying & Brandon

The date

Our daters had a meal at Wine & Chef.

First impression

Pui Ying: “He looked like a well-groomed working professional but seemed a little quiet at first.”

Brandon: “I thought she looked really friendly. Talking to her was like hanging out with an old friend.”


Pui Ying: “There was no chemistry. We didn’t exchange numbers.”

Brandon: “There was a certain chemistry. We actually have very similar backgrounds.”

Awkward moment

Pui Ying: “There were a few. He finished his food before me so I had to juggle between eating and keeping the conversation going.”

Brandon: “Not much. I think it’s natural to have moments of silence once in a while to soak in the atmosphere and savour the food.”


Pui Ying: “He had to head back to office but he suggested meeting up next week.”

Brandon:  “I had to get back to the office so we parted ways after dinner.”


Pui Ying: ♥♥♥ “It was nice getting to know him but we’re on different frequencies. We can be friends but we’ll see how this progresses since we’ve only met once.”

Keefe: ♥♥♥♥ “The date was enjoyable and she was fun to talk to. We’ll see how things go and get to know each other more. After all, it’s just the first date.”

Bars and pubs, Wine bars

Wine & Chef


The atmosphere

“The ambience was great, it felt cosy yet modern at the same time.” – Pui Ying

The food

“The dishes were very flavourful and refreshing. The beef cheek pasta was my favourite. The sauce was rich and the beef was tender.” – Pui Ying

The drinks

“She doesn’t drink so I had two glasses of prosecco, which was really nice. The place has an impressive range of Italian wines.” – Brandon

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Find me a date: Erin and Keefe

The date Our daters had a meal at  Publico First impression Erin: “He was friendly and had a lovely smile. He seemed like a gentleman too!” Keefe: “She seemed like a very nice and intelligent lady.” Chemistry Erin: “We could talk casually as friends but there were no spark or connection of any sort.” Keefe: “We had a comfortable conversation. I think we can be good friends but there was no special spark.” Awkward moment Erin: “We were able to hold a conversation but a few minutes into the dinner, I could tell that we belong to different worlds.” Keefe: “I wanted to get the steak but she didn’t. I want my partner to love beef as much as I do.” Afterwards Erin: “We didn’t hang out after as it was late and he had a paper to study for that night.” Keefe: “We had a lot to eat and drink so we spent a lot of time at the restaurant and didn’t hang out after that.” Verdict Erin: ♥♥♥ “As a person, he’s a four but as a potential partner, he’s more of a two as we have different lifestyles and aren’t on the same wavelength.” Keefe: ♥♥♥ “We followed each other on Instagram but I don’t think we’ll be going out again anytime soon.”

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Find me a date: Steven and Neha

The date: dinner at House. First impression Steven: 'When you guys first told me the name, I half suspected that you'd pair me up with my friend, as her name's quite unique. It turns out she was. It was definitely a nice opportunity to catch up as we've both been really busy.'  Neha: 'I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to see him! As a girl, I had a jittery feeling about meeting a stranger, so this was comfortable.'  Chemistry Steven: 'We’re good friends, but I don't think things will progress any further than that. We have different ideas of what we like in our other half and we don't have chemistry. But we share a lot of common interests: we're both in start-ups, we like to travel a lot, and we both enjoy thinking deeply and talking about issues.'  Neha: 'It was definitely good, as I've known him before and because we share a lot of common interests. He's chatty but also a good listener. He has stories to share but he was also keen to listen to what I had to say. This date gave me a chance to ask him why he's single – I get the impression he's laid-back and not looking for someone.' Awkward Moment Steven: 'None for me. Maybe a little for her because she didn't anticipate seeing me at all.' Neha: 'Not at all. He's a gentleman.'  Afterward Steven: 'We just went our separate ways home.' Neha: 'I didn't have his number before that, so I got it and texted him to thank him for the good evening. We've not really texted since then though.'  Verdict Steven: ♥♥

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Find me a date: Wen Jun and Hazel

The date: our daters had a meal at Le Binchotan First impression Hazel: ‘I thought he was a pretty cool and fun-loving guy.’ Wen Jun: ‘She’s well dressed, cheerful and friendly. We clicked from the get-go.’ Chemistry Hazel: ‘Our conversation was really engaging and we joked a lot. Romance-wise, it’s a little too early to tell.’ Wen Jun: ‘We got along quite well and could talk about a lot of things. With time, I think it could possibly go somewhere.’ Awkward moment Hazel: ‘Not really – we started chatting as soon as he arrived. It was very comfortable throughout.’ Wen Jun: ‘We were daring each other to eat the charred pumpkin, which I tried in the end. Actually, it was more funny than awkward.’ Afterwards Hazel: ‘I actually lost track of time! When it was time to leave, we exchanged name cards and called it a night.’ Wen Jun: ‘We stayed past 10pm and had about four glasses of wine each. Then we both went back to our own offices.’ Verdict Hazel: ♥♥♥♥♥ ‘Overall, it was a good date and I couldn’t have asked for more. We’ll see how it goes from here.’ Wen Jun: ♥♥♥♥♥ ‘Given that I came with no expectations, the date was pretty decent. I had a fun evening.’

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Find me a date: Isabel and Alex

The date: our daters had a meal at Audace First impression Isabel: "He has a sweet temperament and is very friendly." Alex: "She's very pretty and a bubbly person. It was easy to talk to her and she dressed up for the date." Chemistry Isabel: "I guess we both have different wavelengths and frequencies. I'm pretty sure we have different personalities. The conversation was pretty superficial, mostly about life, food and our interests. We didn’t share any chemistry but it was nice meeting him." Alex: "There were no sparks – I just didn't feel it. We have different interests I guess." Awkward moment Isabel: "There were a few awkward silences on occasion." Alex: "At the start, probably. Awkward pauses here and there." Afterwards Isabel: "We exchanged Instagram handles and phone numbers out of courtesy. He wanted to drive me home but thought it wasn’t nice to hitch a ride considering we had just met." Alex: "We went back home. I drove and she took the bus. I offered to send her back but she wasn't that comfortable with the idea I guess." Verdict Isabel: ♥♥♥ "It’s great to find out that he’s actually my senior from secondary school. If things work out, then it works out. If things don't work out, then I’m quite okay too." Alex: ♥♥♥ "It ended on a friendly note. It was interesting and hopefully, we’ll keep in touch. I’ll probably text her."