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The best Christmas takeaways in 2018

Prepare a dazzling spread of Christmas dishes for your dinner party – without actually cooking anything

Christmas takeways

Ready to take on responsibilities and commit to being a proper adult? It’s time to host your first Christmas dinner party. Don’t freak out yet, the hard work’s already been done. Get the food bit settled from these stellar spots in town so you don’t have to sweat it in the kitchen. Just remember to order it in advance and you’re on your way to being the hostess with the mostest.

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Restaurants, Peranakan

Peranakan turkey ($138)

icon-location-pin Orchard

From The Peranakan

Make your centrepiece the talk of town with a traditional turkey and to kick it up a notch, add a local twist to it with the Christmas roast turkey with nasi buah keluak stuffing from The Peranakan. The majestic bird itself is bathed in a marinade of signature Peranakan herbs and spices such as chilies, ginger and lemongrass before a long, slow-roast in the oven. Each turkey is also stuffed with fragrant jasmine rice mixed with The Peranakan’s renowned buah keluak paste. Mari, Merry Christmas!

gammon ham

Wicks Manor smoked ham ($106.90)

From Sasha's Fine Foods

Bring home the bacon – or smoked ham – this Christmas. Online gourmet grocery store Sasha’s Fine Foods has a fine selection of smoked and roast ham suitable for the Christmas table, but none as fine as the Wicks Manor smoked ham. Wicks Manor is a small family-run farm in England (which Sasha frequents herself) and also a leader in sustainable welfare practices. The  ham is first cured for at least four days in brine before it is smoked in an aromatic blend of oak and beechwood. What you get is a ham that is moist, tender and full of flavour. You’d want to put that on the table.

Restaurants, Italian

Crispy porchetta ($294.25)

icon-location-pin Raffles Place

From Caffe Fernet

Sure, a great big roast is a classic Christmas dinner centrepiece, but rather than stick to the usual beef and lamb, why not begin new tradition with porchetta. The traditional boneless pork belly roast of Italy is rich, savoury, crispy-skinned and grand enough for a Christmas feast. There’s a reason why Caffe Fernet’s crispy porchetta is a signature dish. The layers of fat on the pok belly prevent the meat from drying out when it is rolled and roasted and the pickled mustard seeds that garnish it give it some extra crunch and flavour – alongside the mint gremolata it comes with.

Time Out says
Restaurants, British

Brussel sprouts with maple butter and smoked bacon ($14)

icon-location-pin Tanjong Pagar

From Oxwell & Co.

To balance out the meat quota, you’ll need some vegetables as well – and we recommend Brussels sprouts. Sure, it may not be your go-to veggie and an acquired taste but British comfort food connoisseurs Oxwell & Co. know how to make it most palatable. The Brussels sprouts with maple butter and smoked bacon is one of favourites for the holidays (off season too) and might even steal the show. Slight charred, the crunchy texture of the sprouts complements perfectly with the rich maple butter and the thick cuts of smoky bacon. Yes, Christmas will be the time you’ll accept Brussels sprouts into your life and on your table.

Restaurants, Fusion

Potato and truffle mushroom dauphinoise ($60)

icon-location-pin Tanglin

From The Halia

Switch up from the usual roast potatoes this holidays and get fancy with the potato and truffle mushroom dauphinoise from The Halia at Botanic Gardens. Ordinary sliced potatoes transform into an elegant dish when baked with rich cream. Add to the mix the earthy flavour of mushrooms with truffles and you’re set for a sensational side dish for Christmas.



Yuletide Blossom log cake ($82)

icon-location-pin Orchard

From Goodwood Park Hotel

Who needs a floral arrangement for the table centrepiece when you have a beautiful bouquet of buttercream flowers on your log cake. Bring home the Yuletide Blossom log cake from Goodwood Park Hotel to zhuzh up the table where intricately hand-piped buttercream flowers sit on a white chocolate mousse coated strawberry chiffon sponge cake. Wait till you bite into it – there’s yuzu-infused pear bits and a crunchy hazelnut Breton sablé centre for an element of surprise.

Restaurants, European

Pumpkin and pecan pie ($65)

icon-location-pin Kallang

From Windowsill Pies

Nothing like Christmas than binge-ing on the comfort food. The feel-good pumpkin and pecan pie from Windowsill Pies is a good end to the Christmas feast. A buttery and sweet crust complements a smooth coffee-infused pecan and pumpkin filling perfectly. Best to make space for a slice or two!

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