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Five hobby malls in Singapore

Whether you're a tech geek, audiophile or craft hobbyist, here's a range of malls to get your gear and supplies to add to your growing collection

For audiophiles

The Adelphi

Don’t roll your eyes too far up when you visit this medium-sized mall and find audio cables going for a few thousand bucks. The Adelphi specialises in high-end hi-fi equipment, from standing speakers to turntables to the more arcane stuff like digital-to-analogue converters and phono pre-amps. There are also a clutch of second-hand record shops. Be prepared to be given the snooty nose at a few of the boutiques, though – these guys are hardcore audio nuts.

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City Hall

For tech geeks

Sim Lim Tower

No, not Sim Lim Square. This grungey, Jover Chew-less mall is a Mecca for in-the-know geeks who love tinkering with their gear. Across its 17 retail floors (they don’t have a fourth floor, but there’s a basement level), you’ll find all the nuts and bolts: circuit boards, resistors, fuses, all manners of digital and analogue cables… the list goes on. And you’ll wanna pop by early – most of the shops close at 5pm and don’t open on Sundays.

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For horologists

Far East Plaza

Cheap tween fashion first pops to mind when we mention this shopping centre, but you’ll also find a bunch of vintage luxury watch shops here: Monster Time Gallery (#02-22), HJ Luxury (#02-35), Three Crowns (#03-97B), Sheen Gallery (#04-114) and Lu-Ann (#05-107) among them. They all stock second-hand timepieces – at very reasonable prices, too – from your usual Omegas to your unattainable Patek Philippes.

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For musicians

Peninsula Shopping Centre

Go straight down to the basement, where dozens of musical instrument stores sit. You’ve got your guitars (Fenders, Gibsons, Ibanezes – they’re all here), pedals, amplifiers, drum kits, synths, accessories and basically anything you’ll need to rock out. Davis Guitar (#B1-40/41) has been a mainstay for decades, while Sound Alchemy (#B1-19) stocks the hyped-up Fender Japan models.

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City Hall

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By: Time Out Singapore editors