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11 great ideas for the kitchen

Make your kitchen the ultimate workstation in the house


Home is where the hearth is. And since most of us live in apartments without a fireplace, the kitchen stove will have to do. Whether you’re a novice cook that prepares something for the family once a year, or a full-blown expert with all the best gadgets and crockery, these are some tools and necessities we think every kitchen should have.

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Coffee machine

From Morning

The sleek Morning coffee machine will deliver the jolt of caffeine your body craves in the morning. Best part, you can choose how you want your brew to be. The sophisticated machine keeps things convenient with capsules, but you can brew a customised cuppa and adjust temperatures, techniques and output of the coffee. 

Forged Japanese kitchen knife

From Kitchin Tools

Feel like a pro in the kitchen with an artisanal kitchen knife. The kitchen knife is the single most important tool in the kitchen and is used in the creation of mostly every dish. Kitchin Tools stocks premium quality kitchen knives that are hand forged by experienced blacksmiths in Japan and are made to last. At Kitchin Tools, find all sorts of knives that are used for different purposes – from the everyday all-purpose Gyuto (Chef Knife), to more specialty knives like the Yanagiba for slicing sashimi.

Drop by the showroom to test actual Japanese knives on real ingredients which gives you the best possible understanding of the knife, feel of the weight, balance, comfort and cutting performance, all of which narrow down the options to the one that works best for you. With a wide variety of handle and blade combinations to choose from, you get a much more personalised knife that will last for many years to come.

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From Bornn via The Editor's Market

Enamel doesn't always have to be for camping and the outdoors. With the range of enamelware from the Turkish brand Bornn, you'd want the whole collection for everyday use at home. Shop plates, bowls and tumblers in pastel colours and swirly marble prints. Prices start from $20 for an enamel mug. 

Food processor

From Cuisineart

If you're a household of spice and curry lovers, then a food processor is essential. Sure, pounding spice pastes in a mortar and pestle will always get you the best results – there just isn't always time for that. The mini food processor from Cuisineart ($140) is small, powerful, easy to clean, and will whip up all sorts of rempah and pastes in no time. Its reversible blades also means it can chop and dice a wide variety of hard and soft foods for speedy food preparation. 


Chalkboard wall

From Selffix DIY

Get creative and turn one of your kitchen walls into a chalkboard. All you have to do is to get the right kind of paint. With a few good coats, the Rust-Oleum Chalk Board ($40.90) paint creates a functional chalkboard which you can write and draw on and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. Prepare recipes, list down groceries to do and plan out the menu for dinner all on the wall.

Cast iron skillet

From Lodge

A good cast iron pan will and should last a lifetime. But that usually means having to drop a hefty investment upwards of $100 for one. Lodge’s pre-seasoned skillets are priced from $39.90 and are as comparable to the other big names in the market.


Kitchen trolley

From Ikea

In the kitchen, storage is very important and with houses in Singapore, any extra space is welcome. Bring home the popular and versatile Raskog trolley from Ikea ($59) for instant storage in the kitchen area for your baking goods, grains, collection of tea, biscuit stash and other guilty pleasures.

Tea set

From T2

If you're a serious kitchen person then you deserve your own special tea mug. For every success and failure in the kitchen, there's nothing like a cup of tea to wind down with later. Known for its collection of colourful and pretty teawares, you might get stuck picking the perfect one for you at T2. Inspired by the safari, bring a little bit of the jungle home with this elephant-print mug ($45) which comes with an infuser – for some fancy loose leaf tea.


Kitchen linen

From Crate & Barrel

Spruce up the kitchen with some prints and patterns, starting with your linens. This set ($29.95 for two) at Crate & Barrel may come in a sensible blue colour but with a motif like that, you would want it to be hanging in a perfect spot in the kitchen for everyone to see. 

Fridge and freezer

From Bosch

Brighten up your kitchen with a pop of colour from Bosch. The VarioStyle freezer-fridge ($1,499) comes in 19 tones from lime green to pearl night blue to add some personality back to an often forgotten part of the home.




Stand mixer

From KitchenAid

Ask any baker what their dream mixer is, and the answer is most likely a KitchenAid. Available in a variety of colours, this tilt- head stand mixer ($899) will be the envy of all.

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