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The best home-based businesses in Singapore that we love

These home-based outfits are bringing their food, drinks, bakes, fashion, and skincare creations from their homes to yours

Cam Khalid

Passion projects turned into side hustles is what we stan. Since the start of the circuit breaker in 2020, many have gathered their family and friends for help, while some left their jobs to run their home-based businesses full-time. All in the name of sharing what they love with other people. While some have found success and opened brick-and-mortar stores to cater to the going-out crowd, others have chosen to work with small batches from their humble abodes. And we don’t blame them either – it makes their products even more coveted and personal too as they hand-deliver the goods straight to your doorstep. 

Whether it’s a savoury snack, a sweet treat, or a hot pouch of tasty teh tarik, these independent businesses know the way to your hearts (and homes). Here are 20 of our favourite food, drinks, bakes, fashion, and skincare home-based outfits.

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Food and bakery home-based businesses

Dot Dot Bowl

A soupy dish is always a good shout on a chilly day. Or shall we say chilli day? Inspired by the famous Gangsa Road ke kou mian (KKM), which is a fiery and healthier twist on the instant Koka noodles, Dot Dot Bowl's Gangsa Noodles (from $8) is a DIY alternative that lets you customise the way you like it – soupy or dry, spicy or mild. It’s run by the original Gangsa Road KKM uncle’s daughter, Sharon Teo, and takes less than five minutes to put together all the vacuum-packed ingredients, making it the perfect stay-home alternative.

Eat My Curry Bun

When Sir Mix-a-Lot says he "don't want none unless you got buns, hun," we're assuming he means curry buns. If so, we can relate. Curry buns are typically savoured by families in the comfort of their homes, and this family-run, home-based business will hand-deliver them to your doorstep with the widest smile. Word of warning: these curry buns (from $32) have a fiery kick to them. It's a family recipe loaded with bite-sized buttery potatoes, boneless chicken, and of course, spicy curry gravy. The bread is also made from scratch to ensure that it's crusty yet fluffy. These big, bad boys are also shareable between two to three people.


Burger Daddy

There's no better pleasure than sinking your teeth into a flippin’ juicy cheeseburger. Trading his six-stringer for a US-imported camping grill, former Cashew Chemists guitarist Ulrich Chia perfected the art of smashing ground beef ball on the grill and flattening it until it turns into a crusty-edged patty – a style that is popular in the USA. Aptly called The Smash Hit ($17), the signature burger comes with smashed dry-aged beef, gooey American cheese, onion jam, and fresh tomatoes, all sandwiched between traditional Hainanese sweet buns. Note that the burgers are only available for pickup, and orders are also capped at 40 slots each weekend.

Killa Krab SG

The price tag on Singapore’s iconic dish can leave you feeling… crabby. But thanks to this Muslim-owned, home-based business, you can savour the flavour without breaking the bank. Whipped up by childhood friends Danial Azroy and Hasyim "Syimmy" Hasbullah, they use Danial's mum’s Chinese-style chilli crab recipe. Killa Krab dishes three different sets, all named after characters from the American sitcom Modern Family, the Gloria ($25) which comes with two pieces of soft-shell crabs, The Manny ($25) which comes with one bowl of mud crabs, and The Dunphys ($75) which is a sharing set that comes with three pieces of mud crabs and two pieces of soft-shell crabs. All sets include the signature chilli crab sauce and golden brown buns.


Cuts & Slices

It’d be a mis-steak not to mention Cuts & Slices. Taking notes from YouTubers in the land of ribs and brisket (aka the USA), twenty-something Hendra Yeo rolls out perfected pizzas and marvelous meats from his family's backyard in Kembangan. This includes 12-hour smoked brisket (from $14/100g), 10-hour apple wood smoked short ribs ($70/kg), and smoked beef cheeks (from $8.50/100g). There’s also hot smoked salmon for a lighter alternative ($70/kg). Comfort food like 12-inch New York-style pizzas and tacos are also up on the menu. Orders are only available on weekends, so you’ll have to place them via Instagram DM to ensure that they hit the grill while you chill.

Dapur Mother Mary

Got an upcoming event but can’t bear to spend hours in the kitchen? Dapur Mother Mary (DMM) has your back. Whether it’s an open house, a birthday party, or a work event, co-founder Tajjlee Rahim and his family will batch cook, pack and deliver from their kitchen to yours. But don’t expect light bites – DMM is all about hearty, classic Malay dishes (from $7.50). Think beef rendang, nasi sambal goreng, nasi goreng kampong, mee goreng, and the list goes on. And take our word: these are cooked authentically, just the way nenek (grandmother in Malay) does. The home-based business currently only takes small bulk orders.


Miss Van Dough

For bakes that look as good as they taste, hit up Miss Van Dough – a clever wordplay on the names of founder/baker Vanessa Goh and painter Vincent Van Gogh. Among her popular treats include chunky chocolate chip cookies, fudgy brownies, macarons, and the popular pandan biscoff tarts. Look forward to curated packages that come with an assortment of sweet treats that changes regularly – it might come loaded with hefty cookies, brownies, tiramisu, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on Instagram; these sets tend to sell out quickly, so fastest fingers first.

Dapiku Sweets

A scroll through Dapiku Sweet's Instagram will give you a sugar rush. It's like staring into the soul of a millennial Marie Antoinette, with each post screaming "Let them eat cake!" There's no denying that resident baker Lee Jian Yun and illustrator Aliff Tee have a knack for show-stopping creations and drool-worthy imagery. Whether it's a minimally-frosted naked cake or an intricately decorated vintage-style cake, each of these hand-crafted treats is a mini work of art. The sweet-toothed duo also does chocolate cookies, burnt cheesecake, and special dessert boxes if you're really feeling naughty.


Bespoke Bread

Let’s get this bread – literally. Self-proclaimed "Doughminatrix", Karen knows just how to tickle your tastebuds with fusion sourdough loaves. Get ready to fall in loaf (see what we did there?) with flavours like truffle mushroom ($29.90), dark chocolate ($25.90), and the signature caramelised onion sourdough ($24.90). There are also sourdough pandan waffles (from $15.90), sourdough babka ($24.90), and special bread boxes ($24.90) which includes a loaf with Iberico spam, caramelised onion, and cheese. Mark your calendars for the next Bake Day where you can make your orders.


This Muslim-owned home bakery needs no introduction. It's known for its single-item menu: a burnt cheesecake that comes in a toasted, golden brown crown and gooey, cream cheese middle. This cult favourite was a hit during the circuit breaker, consistently selling out like hotcakes. The seven-inch original cheesecake ($61) is perfect for a party of seven. For two to four pax, check out the Mini Flavoured Selection ($40). This comes in various flavours such as smoked berries, chocolate, matcha, caramelised banana, and even durian. Pre-order yours quickly to not miss out.


Ade’s Homebake

When you think of ondeh ondeh, it’s no surprise that this home-based outfit’s signature ondeh cake springs to mind. Former five-star-hotel chef Adeline Ng nails down the recipe to a T with layers of pandan sponge cake, topped with desiccated coconut, and filled with gula Java. Its flavour has been described as "otona no amasa," which translates to “sweetness for adults” in Japanese. In other words, it hits the spot without being overwhelmingly sweet. Besides the signature ondeh ondeh cake (from $36), it also boasts the first original durian ondeh cake (from $56). And by indulging in these gorgeous sweet treats, you'll also be helping Adeline. She is diagnosed with an extremely rare autoimmune disorder which has left her blind in one eye. All money earned from her bakes goes into her steep annual medical expenses.

Drinks home-based businesses


The perfect way to beat the heat is with an ice-cold chendol. But instead of a bowl of the usual suspects – a mountain of shaved ice, green rice flour jelly, coconut milk, and gula Melaka – Chendolkita’s bottled artisanal chendol drink lets you relish in all the best bits on the go. Don’t be fooled by its cool, modern branding; its chendol jelly is made the old-school way, hand-pressed. But like any chendol toppings, Chendolkita jazz things up with all kinds of experimental flavours, from the rosey bandung ($5) to the chocolatey oat milk topped with Milo powder ($7).

Le Vyr

Sure, kombucha offers the benefits of probiotics (yay to gut health) but it's also downright delicious. Thanks to Le Vyr, you can enjoy it with a local twist. Founder the kombucha and milk kefir nano-brewery with flavours like liang teh, teh limau, teh-o, and bandung (from $7.50). Together with her friend Claire Tee, the two-person business manages a small batch at each time to ensure quality and consistency, and the brewing process can stretch up to four weeks. Want to make your own? Add The Complete Kombucha Starter Kit ($66.50) to the cart when you order your next bottle.


Teh Tarik Shus Bros

Sweeten up your day with creamy teh tarik. Whether in a 500ml pouch (from $4.80) or a 3-litre box (from $32), hot or cold, Teh Tarik Shus Bro's signature drink is a surefire hit, especially when the craving kicks in. The boxed teh tarik serves up to 15 cups, which is great for parties and events – or all for yourself, we won't judge. Besides the signature drink, it also does teh halia, teh-o, kopi-o, kopi with milk, and Nescafe. Keep your eyes peeled for available slots via Instagram to place your order as it gets fully booked really fast.

Section D

Private dining is all the rage right now, but can we tempt you with private drinking? Former drinks editor Dannon Har and wife Jamie Chua have played chief mixologist and host, welcoming guests to their Sengkang home for a unique omakase bar experience right in their living room. Cocktails such as Sake Blush ($22), and The Proposal ($20) each come with tantalising tales to be enjoyed with every sip. The home bar is currently on hiatus till the end of the year as the couple welcomes their first child, but their craft bottled cocktails are still available to order. Flavours include Pink Saketini (from 22) with pink gin, junmai, vermouth, and peychaud's, Irish Cold Brew (from $18) with whisky, coffee liqueur, agave, and cold brew, and Brown-Buttered Rum Old Fashioned (from $23) with rum, butter, demerara and bitters.


Ground Floor Coffee

Get this: Ground Floor Coffee – as its name suggests – serves freshly brewed cups of coffee from a window of a ground floor HDB flat. On the menu: regular latte, lavender latte, caramel latte, dark mocha, and Pure Chocolate. The home-based business became a mega hit last year, resulting in coffee lovers from every corner of Singapore visiting his humble abode. Due to the overwhelming response, owner Hasif is not accepting any walk-in orders, only pre-orders for now. Note that Ground Floor Coffee is currently on a break and will be back soon – follow its Instagram page for updates. In the meantime, check out our interview with Hasif!

Fashion and accessories home-based businesses

Wacky Wears

Need a wardrobe update? Look no further than Wacky Wears. This small, homegrown clothing brand does graphic tees with designs on rotation. Here's how it works: Wacky Wears runs a campaign online for a period of time where orders can be made, the manufacturing then begins when the campaign ends, and deliveries are made typically about two to four weeks after the end of the campaign. These campaigns are in collaborationed with different local creators each time and work on a pre-order basis, making the featured tees truly one-of-a-kind. But it's not just collaborations, Wacky Wears also do in-house designs and stocked in-store at Actually.

Play, though

Former arts educator Shari Chong has an eye for detail, but when she discovered the magical world of polymer clay, it opened new doors for her – including Play, Though. Experimenting with wearable art, she has created various whimsical earrings with intricate designs and bold colours. Due to popular demand, she has started to branch out into other accessories such as brooches and necklaces. However, these are all sold in limited quantities as they’re all specially handmade. They sell out quickly too, so be sure to set your alarms for the next drop!


Kaitan Goods

The hook and yarn aren't just reserved for grannies. We're seeing more and more Millennials and Gen Z artists rise up to the hand-stitched revolution all across social media, making knitwear cool again. Crochet artist Nabila Amin learned how to crochet from her grandmother and decided to pursue her passion by starting Kaitan Goods. She creates everything from pastel-hued bucket hats to colourful oversized blankets. She even lets you navigate the design too, allowing you to choose the colours and patterns you’d like. The best way to discuss this pretty project is by sliding into Kaitan Goods’ DM via Instagram.

My Naked Bar

Working towards going full-on Greta Thunberg and opting for more zero-waste alternatives? Check out the sustainable brand My Naked Bar, which offers handcrafted, cold-pressed soap bars made from fresh natural ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera, rice, and oat milk – no nasties included. The bars are suitable for all ages and skin types, but each bar has a specific use – bestseller Lavender Oatmeal ($14) makes for a relaxing shower with the gentle exfoliation it provides as well as the soothing lavender scent. Not only are these bars great for your skin but the planet too as they’re packaged in upcycled clean milk and juice cartons.

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