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The Nursery
Photograph: The Nursery

The best plant shops in Singapore for indoor plants and more

Leaf your best life by welcoming indoor plants into the home

By Delfina Utomo

For every high-rise building or skyscraper we have in Singapore, there is some greenery in the form of a park or a row of trees. Integrating verdant landscapes into a metropolis setting has put us on the map. Let’s stretch this even further by letting in some nature to our personal space. Not only does it lend a pop of colour to the room, these magical living (and breathing) green things clean the air so you can breathe easy.

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The best shops for indoor plants

BLG Nursery
Photograph: Delfina Utomo

BLG Nursery

Shopping Punggol

Easy plant shopping at marked sections

Located alongside other plant nurseries in the Punggol area, BLG stands out as one of the stops to make when you're shopping for plants. The huge compound houses a wide variety of plants, including air plants, cacti (including rare specimens), ferns, plants suited for an outdoor garden, herbs and more. There is also a huge section of pots and gardening needs that you can pick while on your way out. 

Photograph: Aiko Tun

Tumbleweed Plants

Shopping Garden centres Tiong Bahru

To build your dream jungalow home

There’s no doubt that Tumbleweed is the prettiest plant store in town. Its maximalist display of ferns, giant cacti and other lush leafy greens inspire anyone looking to spruce up their space. Growing up in Hong Kong, store owner Denise Law fully understands that you need to balance the hectic pace of the city with something that slows you down. It might also surprise you to know that plants in the store are easy to maintain and suited for indoor life. Elevate the look even more by pairing your plant with one of its pastel-coloured pots, hand-painted vases and woven baskets to recreate the homey tropical look.

When did you decide to open a plant shop?

I had the idea in 2017. I had been living in Singapore for about a year. I’d been struck by Singapore’s commitment to plant life as part of its urban planning. But what I thought was missing was a platform to inspire individuals to develop their love of plants in their homes and at work.

We love the vibe of the store, what inspires your aesthetics?

I read a lot of philosophy. I am interested in big picture ideas that change the way I see the world. In terms of fashion and design, I like people who blend out-of-the-box visuals with function. My favourite brands and artists include Balenciaga, Dorte Mandrup and M.C. Escher. At Tumbleweed, we follow fashion and design trends closely and our layout usually incorporates trending ideas but overall, the space should make you feel good – and inspired to bring more plants into your place too!

What would you like to see more in Singapore?

I’d like to see more ‘wild’ spaces in Singapore. Rewilding is all the rage and I think this shows that people have got to the point where they want to just let nature be.

Easi Grow
Photograph: Aiko Tun

Easi Grow

Shopping Garden centres Tanjong Pagar

Start small with succulents and miniature arrangements

Beautiful plants like ferns and palms require lots of care but succulents don’t. If you plan on bringing plants into your life but you’re iffy about sticking to watering schedules, start with a succulent. Like air plants, the range of succulent types is extensive. At Easi Grow, you’ll learn about the different species of succulent, from the common aloe vera to ones that look like living stones. Located in Ann Siang, the store is a green respite in the city for plant lovers. We catch up with its owner Chan Weng Seng for more tips.

What’s your favourite plant?

The peace lily. It is the easiest plant to grow indoors and has great benefits, especially as an air purifier. I’d also recommend it to new plant parents!

Why should people have plants in their homes?

Having plants beautifies the environment, minimises stress, cleans and improves moisture in the air and also reduces noise.

A Tilly A Day
Photograph: Delfina Utomo

A Tilly A Day

Shopping Florists Punggol

Air plants are the way to go for busy people

It started as a hobby, which grew into an obsession, and now, Wan Ting is the proud owner of A Tilly A Day. Rock up to the store in Waterway Point and you’ll find serenity in the natural greenery. The shop gets its name from tillandsia – the scientific name for air plants, her biggest passion. Discover how diverse the range of air plants are: from the bulbous and onion-looking to the leafy and flowering sorts. And the absolute best part of air plants is that it basically survives on nothing, besides some water misting and the occasional bath.

Tell us about your obsession with air plants.

I love plants but was never good at keeping them alive – until I had air plants. I joined many Facebook hobby groups where I would get tips on how to care for air plants and I began putting in more effort in gardening. My passion started when the air plants I had started growing and giving me babies. Soon one became 10 and that made me feel so excited like I had done something right.

What do people always get wrong about plants? 

That they are very difficult to maintain. People should also make an effort to know more about the plant type and the conditions it needs to thrive. Every plant is different. For some, its needs are very minimal. For more finicky ones, it’s all about balance – not too much sunlight which means a lot of shifting it around. But remember, taking care of plants should be enjoyable and you shouldn’t feel like a slave to your plants.

What do you love about plants?

I think for me it’s the feeling of putting some time into your hobby and then seeing results. I always feel calmer when I’m working on my plants. It’s a form of therapy for me.

House of Plants greenhouse
Photograph: @House of Plants/Facebook

House of Plants

Attractions Garden centres and nurseries Punggol

Your friendly neighbourhood plant shop/greenhouse

It's all good vibes at this greenhouse in Punggol. There's always music playing, fresh plants waiting for you, and affordable prices that won't shock you. Most of the plants available are suitable for the indoor life like leafy monsteras (in all sizes) and philodendrons. On some days, you can even find rarer ferns and more. And if you can't make it down to the store, the online store also has the same selection of plants. One thing we love about shopping on this site is that the team promises that you will receive the exact plant in the photos.

Photograph: PottaPlantta


Shopping Florists Bedok

For pretty pots and accessories

If you can't drop by the gorgeous plant store in Telok Kurau, that's all right because business is as usual at its online store. Shop a selection of plants that are ideal for indoor living like ferns, peace lilies and more at PottaPlantta. Don't forget to shop for pots and planters as well – the store is known for its aesthetic planter stands and cute pots that would brighten up any room. 


Candy Floriculture shop
Photograph: @candy_floriculture/Facebook

Candy Floriculture

Shopping Garden centres Novena

For bigger indoor plants... and fruit trees

Ready to invest in bigger plants for the house? Candy Floriculture stocks a range of tall, standing plants like the popular ficus plants and lush palms that look perfect in out on the balcony. If you have a backyard, check out its range of fruit trees if you're thinking of embarking on a new home-farm project.

Song Lang Garden
Photo: Song Lang Garden

Song Lang Garden

Shopping Garden centres Marine Parade

For all your plant and gardening needs

Whether you have a large backyard or no garden at all, there are plants for all sorts of spaces – and you will find it at Song Lang Garden. The nursery stocks trees, shrubs, different breeds of orchids, air plants, herbs and more for all your gardening needs. To really complete the experience, pick up gardening tools and supplies while you're picking out plants.


Pick a Plant

Shopping Garden centres Western Water CA

Browse through an extensive range of air plants

Think air plants are tiny and boring? Wait till you get to Pick a Plant. Not only does it have one of the largest and biggest collections of this fuss-free plant, but it also has the most interesting variety. I mean, who knew air plants could grow so big? At Pick a Plant, air plants – also known as tillandsias – are categorised for easy shopping. The groups include air plants for the beginners (like the cotton candy), assorted sizes (from minis to giants) and also the special and rare air plants for the collectors.

Ban Nee Chen

Shopping Garden centres Hougang

For over thousands of plants

Ban Nee Chen are super serious about their plants. On top of their nursery that stocks thousands of plants for all your needs and aesthetics, they also have landscaping and design-and-build services for those blessed with space to have gardens. Browse through their variety of shrubs, trees and also indoor plants to find the match for your perfect garden. 

Photograph: Ikea


Shopping Bukit Merah

If you're a beginner plant parent

On top of dinner plates and bed linen sets, this Swedish shopping giant also has a decent selection of plants. From tiny cactus and succulents to large fiddle leaf figs and pretty baskets for plants, you can find almost everything at IKEA for your entry-level gardening needs. Beware, it's a highly addictive hobby and you may be returning for more plants and flowers. 

IKEA has another outlet at 60 Tampines North Drive 2.

Rabbit Island
Photograph: Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island

Shopping Garden centres Woodlands

A warehouse full of succulents, cacti and air plants

If you're new to the world of plants, it's best to stick to a plant that doesn't require much care. Pick succulents, cacti and the easiest of all – air plants. Rabbit Island has a wide selection of plants best suited for indoor living online and available at the showroom in Woodlands – but remember to make an appointment beforehand.


World Farm

Shopping Garden centres Raffles Place

The ultimate plant warehouse

From large banana leaf plants to the tropical monstera, from small cacti to flowering garden plants, you'll be spoilt for choice at this huge garden centres in Singapore. Just like shopping in a supermarket, grab a trolley and start picking out your plants, pots and other tools and supplies you might need before checking out. 

Far East Flora
Photograph: Far East Flora

Far East Flora

5 out of 5 stars
Shopping Gifts and souvenirs Novena

For both floral bouquets and also plants

Far East Flora is definitely one of Singapore's most popular plant and flower one-stop shop. Before dropping by you can start researching for the indoor plants they have on their catalogue but if you like the surprise, drop by and peruse the vast selection of houseplants is expectedly vast. Practical sorts also will get excited over the variety of herbs they have stocked like parsley and mint. 

The Nursery
Photograph: The Nursery

The Nursery

Shopping Kallang

The ultimate plant store in Jalan Besar

Indoor plants can improve the air quality, have psychological benefits, and make your workspace more inspiring. Need new plant babies? One of the newest nurseries in town, The Nursery Singapore has everything you need – from highly coveted plants to beautiful minimalistic planters.

Top tips from the plant people

Tumbleweed Plants
Photograph: Aiko Tun

Don’t water by a fixed schedule. Water by referencing how your plants look and how the soil feels. It takes a bit more effort to learn but it’s worth it. Overwatering is the number one houseplant killer. 

Plants have very varied needs. You need to understand what plant you have and what will make it happy. A standard routine won’t fit them all. 

Ventilation is important. Try to give your plants some airflow from a fan or window or by moving them outside occasionally. 

Good soil makes a big difference to plant health. We recommend repotting in fresh soil at least every 12 months. 

If you see bugs, act quickly to remove them. They can multiply very quickly and spread between plants.

Best plants for the home

Tumbleweed Plants
Photograph: Aiko Tun

Monstera Deliciosa

Loves Singapore’s climate and is one of the most photogenic plants around.

Tumbleweed Plants
Photograph: Aiko Tun


Jungle plants that are happy in shade and come in plenty of different species with interesting leaves. 

Tumbleweed Plants
Photograph: Aiko Tun


Beautiful bright colours, easy to keep and have documented air purifying properties

Tumbleweed Plants


One of the best air purifiers with really interesting leaf shapes and textures.

A Tilly A Day
Photograph: Instagram/@atillyadaysg

Air plants

Great for busy people who can’t stick to watering schedules – which means it’s suitable for almost every Singaporean!

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