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Gross things Singaporeans do that need to stop right now

It's time to drop these gross habits we're so fond of

Photograph: Kit Suman/Unsplash

We might be the cleanest and safest city in the world, but when it comes to gross habits – we have 'em too. Since we're all in the habit of practising good hygiene and keeping our surrounding (and hands) clean – these days especially – let us look back in shame at the grossest things we've seen and done.

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Photograph: Tom Sodoge/Unsplash

Taking off shoes and slippers on public transport

The MRT or the bus isn't your living room so you best keep your shoes, slippers, socks and all worn. It's not so nice to be airing your dirty feet in public (and making people smell it too). 

nail clipper
Photograph: Brett Jordan/Unsplash

Clipping nails on public transport

Just a step above taking off your shoes in public, is clipping your nails on the train or bus is absolutely disgusting. We've heard of territorial before but leaving your clippings in public? Man, we want your confidence.

Photograph: Flickr

Clearing phlegm and spitting

One of the most unpleasant sounds to hear is someone clearing their throat in public and then seeing them spit it out right there on the streets. As with all horrible bad habits, there is a time and place to let loose but while walking to the office in the morning? Nah, that's not it. 

Chang Hsien via Unsplash

Digging nose for all to see

Are there gems in there? What do you find in the deep cave of your nose? Boogers. That's all. Doing it in the privacy of your own home is fine but don't start dagging 'em deep on the train and then wiping it on a seat or railing – call the hygiene police!

Photograph: Tam Wan/Unsplash

Touching the face with dirty hands

Who can remember all the things our hands have touched for the past day. We get that daydreaming is a thing – but do something else instead like read, listen to music and NOT touch your with dirty hands. It's gross, and it's also how germs spead. 

rubbish bin

Not disposing rubbish properly

Soggy unbagged refuse on the sidewalk, single plastics in the recycling bin and the occasional used sanitary pads in toilets. Singaporeans really need to dispose of their rubbish properly. The smells and pests that garbage attracts is something no one should have to deal with. Take responsibility for your own rubbish!


Kiasu buying and hoarding

We cannot stress this enough – only buy what you need. We have enough supplies for the nation, there's no reason to be hoarding rice, bread, vegetables and toilet paper. Plus, perishables perish so definitely not a good idea to have 100 loaves of bread at home at one time.

Photograph: Taylor Hernandez/Unsplash

Resting their leg on empty seats

What a long and tiring day your left leg had eh? Sure, take up that empty seat. The one that could've have been given to a pregnant lady or an elderly person. Get your legs down now, and think of what other nice things you can do for society.

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