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The best hangover cures according to the Time Out team

What to do when you're suffering post-party

Cheryl Sekkappan
Written by
Cheryl Sekkappan

Party's over and the headaches are rolling in – you know the feeling. The dreaded hangover gets worse as each year passes, but you don't have to grit your teeth and live with it. The Time Out Singapore team has had our fair share of partying and painful morning afters – here's what we think works. 

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6 hangover cures we swear by

Fish soup for the soul

I have a whole routine. Drink Pocari Sweat (non-carbonated) after waking up, followed by a light lunch – mainly hot soup. I usually feel cured of my hangover by 4pm, start feeling thirsty at 6pm or so, party again – and repeat. 

Chloe Lee, Head of Sales

Keeping to the one glass rule

I'd prefer to prevent or mitigate. So, the one glass rule applies here: one alcoholic drink and one glass of water before your next alcoholic drink. You'd be surprised how following this rule might keep you away from the nasties – headache and fatigue – caused by dehydration. 

Dawson Tan, Food & Drink Writer


Reach for the citrus

I’ve had many nasty hangovers and for me, bouts of nausea hit the hardest. There are times when I’d be up in the early morning questioning the stupid decisions I made eight or so hours earlier – typically while retching in a toilet bowl. One quick cure that makes me feel momentarily better is some form of citrus juice. Orange, lime, lemon… there’s something about the sharp tanginess that gets rid of the nausea.

Pailin Boonlong, Branded Content Editor

Prevention is key

Prevention is better than cure so I try to have two cups of water for every alcoholic bevvy I imbibe.

Nicole-Marie Ng, Regional Content Director APAC


Water, water, water

I've tried it all – liver pills, hangover shots, sleeping it off, and so on and so forth. But nothing is better than drinking tons of water after a wild night out. My magic number is three glasses, which is honestly pretty hard to stomach when your belly's already roiling. It's worth it though. 

Cheryl Sekkappan, Deputy Editor

Just don't have hangovers

If you've had one too many and are feeling the effects the next morning, try reaching for a bottle of 100 Plus. Its electrolytes can help alleviate dehydration and get you feeling back to your normal self. Having said that, I've never suffered from a hangover. Blessed. 

Daniel Iskandar, Videographer 

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