40 Years of Love

Art, Public art
40 Years of Love Taylor Square Mardi Gras 2018
Artists impression

This huge inflatable sculpture at Taylor Square celebrates the 40th anniversary of Mardi Gras

This June marks 40 years since Sydney's gay and lesbian community first took to the streets in a protest for civil rights that ended in mass arrests and some shocking acts of police brutality. But in the decades since, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has transformed into a celebration of the strength of the city's queer communities, while holding firm to its protest roots.

Matthew Aberline and Maurice Goldberg's 40 Years of Love is a boldly colourful inflatable installation looking at the event's rich history, taking pride of place at the centre of Taylor Square. It will be installed on a large aluminium truss above the grass island and fountain in the square, with visitors invited to sit underneath the sculpture and look at its extraordinary detail. At its tallest point it will tower three storeys above the ground.

Artists Aberline and Goldberg (from Goldberg Aberline Studio) call the sculpture a “big, bold and sassy artwork based on concepts of public protest, joyous celebration, community activation and engagement.” They drew inspiration from artists including Peter Tully, Brenton Heath-Kerr, Ron Muncaster and Keith Haring. They've even worked with Koori artist Lawrence Shearer to include an Aboriginal symbol for family, community and inclusion.

The sculpture was originally due to be unveiled on the anniversary of the first Mardi Gras, June 24, but has been pushed back slightly. The project is by Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, supported by the City of Sydney.

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