4A A4

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4A A4 supplied image 2019
'Happy Toy', Artist Anonymous, 2019

Time Out says

Buy an anonymous masterpiece at this fundraiser for the Haymarket gallery

Looking to build your art collection? On Friday, October 4, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art will host their fundraising exhibition 4A A4, which challenges local and international emerging and established artists to create and donate works of an A4 size, which are then sold for $200 each. The catch? You don’t know who has created the work until after you’ve bought it, meaning you could end up with a piece from a leading artist or the next big thing of the art world for next to nothing. Better still, all proceeds go towards supporting 4A’s future exhibitions program and artist initiatives. So far, artists who have donated pieces include locals Chris and Andy Lee and Kynan Tan, established artists such as Owen Leong, Rosie Deacon, Alana Hunt and Abdul Rahman Abdullah, and big international names such as Bettina Fung, Shen Jiawei, Vipoo Srivilasa, Jumaadi and FJ Kunting.


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