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A pale blue and orange 3D printing of a human heart
Photograph: Supplied Design for Life lexplores incredible innovations in medical science

Time Out says

This fascinating exhibition shows art is in everything we do, including the brilliant designs behind life-saving innovations

We’ve all got one eye on our health at the moment, though it’s very rare that we think of the science behind life-saving equipment and the beauty of art going hand-in-hand. Reality is, creativity hums in every machine we make.

That’s the thinking behind new Powerhouse exhibition Design for Life. Exploring the central role of design in the health and medical sector, it’s all about celebrating the oft-overlooked intersection between innovation and art. Showcasing some 200+ objects from the museum’s collection, it will trace the evolution of the medical equipment that has been saving human lives from the late 1800s right up until today.

You can take a closer look at how things like life-saving respiratory devices work, how surgical masks have changed over the centuries, huge leaps in progress on medicine, how we monitor our hearts and brains, and the incredible possibilities opened up by 3D bioprinting. It also demonstrates the hugely collaborative approach at play, in Australia and between nations.

An exciting look at the great minds behind these inventions, Powerhouse Museum chief executive Lisa Havilah says they’re thrilled to support the latest in science and design innovation with Design for Life. “As science and technology accelerate, the body’s capacities, perception, longevity and durability are being pushed to new limits. Recent partnerships between the medical sciences and design industry have pioneered medical equipment to help this and improve the quality of human life.”

Running from September 26, 2020, to January 31, 2021, entry is free, but booking is essential. For more information, click here

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