Emma Hack: Geometric | Flight of Fancy

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Emma Hack, Geometric 8, Wagner Contemporary 2018
Emma Hack, 'Geometric 8'
Emma hack, Geometric 7, Wagner Contemproary 2018
Emma Hack, 'Geometric 7'
Emma Hack, Flight of Fancy Wagner Contemporary 2018
Emma Hack, 'Royal Hanging Garden' from 'Flight of Fancy' series
Emma Hack, Flight of Fancy, Wagner Contemporary 2018
Emma Hack, 'Midnight Secret Garden', from 'Flight of Fancy' series

The artist behind Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know video has her own exhibit of body painting photographs

There aren't many Australian artists who can say that their work has been seen by 1 billion people on YouTube, but thanks to her unique camouflaging body painting work in Gotye's Grammy-winning 'Somebody That I Used to Know', Emma Hack has reached an enormous audience.

As part of the Head On Photo Festival, Hack is having her own exhibition at Wagner Contemporary, showcasing two of her photo series: 'Geometric' and 'Flight of Fancy'. 

'Flight of Fancy' features models painted with flowers and holding live birds and butterflies, but 'Geometric' is closer to the work she's best known for, with geometric backgrounds and paintings juxtaposed against the natural contours of the human body.

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