Fiona Foley: Who Are These Strangers and Where Are They Going?

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Fiona Foley 2020 National Art School
Fiona Foley, 'HHH #1', 2004

Time Out says

This free Sydney Festival exhibition at the National Art School brings a new perspective to our history

Badtjala artist Dr Fiona Foley is known for her photographic works dismantling historical stereotypes, such 2004’s HHH (Hedonistic Honky Haters), which featured a portrait of African Americans wearing black KKK-style hoods and African-print garments. Now, as part of Sydney Festival, the National Art School hosts a new survey exhibition of her work. Taking its title from a new piece, a musical soundscape that expands on Australia’s oldest known song to tell the story of the first sighting of Captain Cook by the Badtjala people of K’gari (Fraser Island), Who Are These Strangers and Where Are They Going? includes HHH and other photographic series, video and large scale installations from her 30-year career. “There has been so much denial and silencing, the art is a way for me to communicate this history that took place here,she says.


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