In a World of Wounds

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In A World of Wounds Artbank Sydney 2018
Nathan Beard 'Rampai/Samniang/Ratana/Pornjit' 2014-17, Artbank Collection

Artbank opens up its vaults in this new exhibition curated by Talia Smith

Video and photographic artist Talia Smith curates the first exhibition of Artbank Sydney’s Emerging Curator program, bringing together artworks from Artbank’s existing collection with several loaned pieces to explore the ongoing impact of human action of the planet. Smith, who is of Samoan, Cook Island and New Zealand European descent, is renowned for her work examining the emotional and physical traces we leave behind on the landscape. The exhibition will include works by Dean Cross, Sam Doctor, Teelah George, Maria Kontis, Merryn Lloyd, Spence Messih, Tracey Moffatt, Shannon Te Ao and others.

By: Polly Simons


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