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In-Formalism Casula powerhouse 2019
Left to right: Wendy Paramor 'Triad', 1967. Bengitj Ngurruwuthun 'Majka', 2014. Jacky Redgate ‘Untitled (4 parts)’, 1989.

Time Out says

Casula Powerhouse's exhibition of abstract and conceptual Australian artists takes a different look at our art history

Think of abstract, non-objective art and you might think of big names such as Kandinsky, Rothko and Pollock. But what about Australian artists? While abstraction in Australian art is nothing new, it’s only recently that the importance and uniqueness of these works has started to be recognised. Bringing together works by abstract and conceptual artists Wendy Paramor, Ian Burn, Richard Dunn and Virginia Coventry among others, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre’s latest exhibition traces the evolution of Australian abstract non-objective art from 1968 onwards, alongside a range of design, textiles, advertising, architecture, urban design and film works that reflect its influence on the wider world.


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