Ken Done

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Ken Done's bright green, pink and yellow take on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House
Photograph: Michael Reid Northern Beaches |Grey Day, 2020, Ken Done

Time Out says

The superstar Australian artist has a brand new solo show to go with a book about his esteemed career

Esteemed Australian painter Ken Done is a household name, rightly so. Working solidly since his first solo show over 40 years ago in 1980, his vibrant works in bright, primary colours have adorned everything from the walls of the National Gallery to your mum’s tea towels.

Perennially popular, the 80-year-old shows no signs of slowing down and remains a serious and committed artist, capturing a quintessentially Antipodean flavour with his eye-popping landscapes and impressionistic portrait work.

This latest exhibition coincides with the release of a new book on his career and practice, Ken Done – Art Design Life by curator and writer Amber Creswell Bell. The show promises a number of smaller, more accessible artworks, which stand in marked contrast to his large-scale takes on the Harbour Bridge, Great Barrier Reef, and the countless other Australian landmarks that have been rendered by his brush. You can check it out during Art Month from March 18-28 at Michael Reid Northern Beaches, Newport. Take your parents. They’ll love it.

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