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Monet and Friends – Life, Light and Colour

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  1. Silhouetted figures in front if IMAX-sized projections of Degas’ famous dancer paintings
    Photograph: Supplied/Grande Experiences
  2. A silhouetted figure in front if IMAX-sized projections of Monet’s famous water lily paintings
    Photograph: Supplied/Grande Experiences
  3. A silhouetted figure in front if IMAX-sized projections of Monet’s famous water lily paintings
    Photograph: Supplied/Grande Experiences
  4. Silhouetted figures in front of IMAX-sized projections of Cezanne’s paintings
    Photograph: Supplied/Grande Experiences

Time Out says

Moore Park lights up again with another blockbuster art exhibition showcasing Impressionist paintings, IMAX-sized

If you were mesmerised by ‘Sunflowers’ the size of a house when Van Gogh Alive lit up the Royal Hall of Industries with a sea of shimmering sunshine yellow projected the size of an IMAX screen, then you won’t want to miss the new blockbuster multi-sensory experience that's taken over the Moore Park hangar-sized space. Monet and Friends ­– Life, Light and Colour celebrates the lush brushstrokes of Claude and co, the Impressionists who swept up the world in their effervescent depictions of light, love and life.

Plunge into Monet’s 'Water Lilies' series dancing across multiple giant screens, as if light refracting on a limpid pool’s surface. Digitally projected at unimaginable scales, the vast canvas allows you to admire the beloved artist's most famous works in a whole new world of detail that will take your breath away. Even better, his incredible gift to the world is bolstered by a brace of paintings by his brilliant fellow Impressionists, including Paul Cézanne, with his bathers and still-life apples, Edgar Degas’ dancers, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s glimpse inside the Moulin Rouge, Édouard Manet’s last drink at the Folies-Bergère bar and more. Accompanying photographs and videos allow an insider’s peak at the creative process of the gang, including Camille Pissarro and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

That’s an incredible wealth of artistic excellence and the perfect way to whiz round (19th-century) Europe while international borders remain unfortunately closed. Perfect for families, this exhibition is sure to hold little ones’ short attention spans and allow parents a creative breather. They've now added a special autism-friendly session on Sunday, May 16 at 5pm.  This special session is an all-ages event with a very limited number of tickets available at this dedicated link.

Grande Experiences founder Bruce Peterson was overjoyed to welcome art lovers back to the astonishing set-up of masterpieces blown up on massive screens. “Produced in the same immersive multisensory format as the hugely successful Van Gogh Alive, this very new and unique experience will captivate and enthral audiences young and old as we enjoy some of the colourful works of art from the French masters of the 19th century, combined with a wonderful musical score and special aromas permeating throughout the venue,” he says. 

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Stephen A Russell
Written by
Stephen A Russell


Event website:
From $35
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu, 9am-9pm, Fri-Sat 9am–10pm
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