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Near x Far 2017 Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre supplied image Vincent Wozniak-O’Connor 2016 Dark Corner - Locality and Forestry in the Central West IMAGE CROPPED
Vincent Wozniak-O’Connor 'Dark Corner: Locality and Forestry in the Central West', 2016 (cropped image)

Eight artists explore Western Sydney – and their personal relationship with it – in this free exhibition

For this exhibition, eight artists from Western Sydney were invited to document the spaces they dwell in – not just physical spaces, but also metaphysical. The result is a very personal account of Western Sydney, through the eyes and minds of: Rebecca Gallo, Matthew James, Murasaki Penguin, Shireen Taweel, Grace Toiava, Hannah Toohey, and Vaughan and Vincent Wozniak-O’Connor.

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