New Romance

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New Romance MCA 1 (Photographer: Alex Davies)
Photographer: Alex Davies
Airan Kang 'Digital Book Project' (2016)
New Romance MCA 2 (Photograph: Jordan Graham)
Photograph: Jordan Graham
Justin Shoulder – 'Pinky' 2014, type C photograph (cropped)
New Romance MCA 3 (Photographer: Alex Davies)
Photographer: Alex Davies
Rebecca Baumann 'Manoeuvres' (2015)
New Romance MCA 4 (Photograph: Alex Davies)
Photograph: Alex Davies
Stelarc and Nina Sellars 'Blender' (2005-2016)
New Romance MCA 5 (Photograph: Alex Davies)
Photograph: Alex Davies
Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho 'El Fin del Mundo' (2012)

Artists from Australia and Korea imagine the future-human experience in the Museum of Contemporary Art's new show

What will the future look like – more importantly perhaps, feel like – for humans? This collaborative exhibition by the MCA and Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, titled after and inspired by William Gibson’s cyberpunk saga Neuromancer, showcases artists who are future-thinking the human experience.

The works in the show, curated by MCA’s Anna Davis and MMCA’s Houngcheol Choi, conjure robots, genetic experiments, body modification, online dating, better communication through computer programming, environmental apocalypse, high density living… 

The line-up of artists is: Rebecca Baumann, Ian Burns, Hayden Fowler, Siyon Jin, Airan Kang, Sanghyun Lee, Soyo Lee, Wade Marynowsky, Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho, Patricia Piccinini & Peter Hennessey, Kibong Rhee, Justin Shoulder, Giselle Stanborough, Stelarc & Nina Sellars, Wonbin Yang.

Read more about the bio-dome parked on the MCA forecourt as part of New Romance.

By: Dee Jefferson


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