The Dalí Universe

Dali Universe Billich Gallery 2018
Charles Billich, 'Homage to Dalí' (detail)
Dali Universe Billich Gallery 2018
Charles Billich, 'Yesteryear'
Dali Universe Billich Gallery 2018
Salvador Dalí, 'Space Elephant'
Dali Universe Bililch Gallery 2018
Charles Billich, 'Homage to Dalí'

This exhibition features sculptures by Salvador Dalí alongside works from Australia's own Charles Billich

Charles Billich is considered Australia's favourite surrealist painter, so it only makes sense that his work should come head-to-head with Salvador Dalí, who inspired him from a young age. This exhibition at Billich's own gallery in the Rocks includes plenty of his own works, including homages to Dalí and original works.

The Dalí component features sculptures from the Dalí Universe, a company headed up by Beniamino Levi, who worked alongside Dalí in the 1960s. They've toured Dalí's sculptures around the world extensively over the last few decades, and their collection has been seen by more than 12 million people. This is the first time they've been seen in Sydney in more than 15 years.

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