The Invisible Hand

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The Invisible Hand 4a supplied image 2019
Baden Pailthorpe, 'One and Three PCs', 2019 (detail)

Time Out says

The latest exhibition at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is all about our relationship to the internet

Since Tim Berners-Lee developed the first webpage in 1991, the internet has come to dominate the globe in such a way that it’s now almost impossible to imagine life without it. But with it has come the blurring of personal and public boundaries, as companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Apple document our every click online and collect our personal data for their own benefit. Nowhere is this more obvious than the Asia Pacific region, where internet access and usage is now the highest in the world.

Against this backdrop, The Invisible Hand brings together Asian Pacific artists including Exonemo (Japan), Sunwoo Hoon and Mijoon Pak (Korea), Simon Denny (New Zealand) and Baden Pailthorpe (Australia) to explore the threat of Big Tech and encourage us to consider the risks and rewards of revealing our personal information for the sake of technological convenience.


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