The Patient

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The Patient
ORLAN '7th Surgery‐Performance Titled Omniprésence' (1993) video still (cropped)

Australian and international artists explore the 'medical subject' in the group exhibition at UNSW Galleries

Curator Bec Dean plays with the dual meanings of the word 'patient' in this group exhibition, which explores the medical patient as a living subject in contemporary art. 

Artists featured include Ingrid Bachmann (Canada), John A Douglas (Australia), Brenton Heath-Kerr (Aus), Carol Jerrems (Aus), Eugenie Lee (Korea/Aus), David McDiarmid (Aus), Helen Pynor (Aus/UK), Jo Spence (UK), ORLAN (France), John Wynne (UK) & Tim Wainwright (Aus/UK), Bob Flanagan & Sheree Rose (US), and Guy Ben-Ary (US/Aus) with Nathan Thompson, Andrew Fitch, Douglas Bakkum, Stuart Hodgetts, Mike Edel.

By: Dee Jefferson


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