Under the Stars

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Under the Stars
Photograph: AGNSW/Felicity Jenkins
Under the Stars
Photograph: AGNSW/Felicity Jenkins
Shaun Gladwell, 'Planet and stars sequence: Barrier Highway' 2009 (video still),
Photograph: Shaun GladwellShaun Gladwell, 'Planet and stars sequence: Barrier Highway' 2009 (video still),

Time Out says

The starry sky is central to this collection gathering Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists

Bringing together Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, Under the Stars highlights our shared understandings of the night sky. Highlighting the commonalities and connections in our shared attempts to understand the sky above our place in relation to it, the exhibition has a particular a focus on First Nations knowledge.

It presents an opportunity to explore, engage and educate at a time when discussions surrounding the 250-ish years since Captain Cook’s arrival have sparked great debate, as further highlighted by the Black Lives Matter marches.

Under the Stars includes the work of artists like Lindy Lee, Mick Kubarkku and Shaun Gladwell. Shining a light on complex ideas, it also centres the idea that the night sky is an expanse that is not owned, and that connects us all.

The free exhibition runs until February 7, and is perfect to check out after-hours on Wednesdays, when the gallery is open until 9pm as part of the city's Culture Up Late initiative.


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