Vampires, Cargo Pants, and Other Important Stuff

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Two cute meme-like oil paintings. One of a perosn in ablue skirt wearing clogs. Another of a arms emerging from a grave ,in reference to being sleepy
Photograph: Supplied/Gaffa Gallery, detail

Time Out says

These meme-able artworks showing at Gaffa Gallery are a hoot

Advertising copywriter turned artist Lauren Ami has a gift for distilling millenial concerns into simple but effective oil paintings, with sardonic, caption-style messages scrawled on in marker pen.

Titled Vampires, Cargo Pants, and Other Important Stuff her debut solo show, at Gaffa Gallery from March 18-29, is a beaut. Even if this November-born writer is simply appalled at the work depicting a book cover emblazoned with “Yikes! My friend just started dating a Scorpio.” Fine.

The otherwise extremely cute, poppy works are influenced by meme culture and the snappy way this generation dissects complicated issues. One painting depicts online dating as a sushi train of heads rated maybe, no or sure – but our favourite? Probably the one that shows her advertising hand. Depicting a person wearing a blue dress and yellow clogs, it says, “An Instagram ad told me I needed clogs and I couldn’t come up with a strong enough counter argument.” Mood.

Quirky and relatable, this exhibition is exactly the fun we need in our lives right now.  

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