Wide Eyed Live

Art, Photography
Wide Eyed Live Volume 3 a (Photograph: Clare Hawley)
Photograph: Clare HawleyGrace Jones at Carriageworks (image cropped)
Wide Eyed Live Vol 3 b (Photograph: Annette Geneva)
Photograph: Annette GenevaCourtney Barnett (image cropped)
Wide Eyed Live Vol 3 c (Photograph: Maria de Vera)
Photograph: Maria de VeraPurity Ring (image cropped)
Wide Eyed Live Vol 3 d (Photograph: Angela Padovan)
Photograph: Angela PadovanFlorence Welch (image cropped)

Check out the most photogenic moments in live music in this all-female group show featuring top Sydney snappers

Wide Eyed Live is a (we hope) annual exhibition of live music photography, put on my a loose and informal collective of Sydney snappers. Kicking of in 2014, WEL is now in its third edition.

This year the group decided to focus on women: “we thought it was time to shine a light just on the female photographers, with so much of this section of the photo industry being male dominated,” says Clare Hawley, whose work is presented alongside peers Rhiannon Hopley, Annette Sheridan, Gwendolyn Lee, Belinda Dipalo, Maria de Vera, Alicia Stephenson, Angela Padovan, Jodie Downey, Megan Carew and Kierra Thorn.

Each photographer chose a few of their best shots from the last 12 months (May 2015-May 2016) for this group exhibition at Tortuga Studios.


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