Penguin Passport

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Visitors at the Penguin Expedition
Photograph: Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Get face to flipper at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s sub-Antarctic penguin colony

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium has launched an extra special tour to its permanent Penguin Expedition to allow visitors to get on the ice and meet the majestic King and cheeky Gentoo penguins. 

You’ll be wrapped up warm in snow suits before entering the Macquarie Island icy wonderland for 45 minutes, where you’ll get to see how the penguins are fed and learn how the trainers interact with the animals in their chilly habitat.

Penguin Expedition opened in November 2016 and is the world first penguin exhibit with a ride that takes explorers on a water tour through the icy landscape. It is inspired by the Australian owned Macquarie Island in the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors can learn about the aquarium’s penguin breeding program, its work to protect the island from plastic pollution and what they can do to help protect our oceans and wild penguin colonies.

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