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Albion Place Hotel

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Albion Place Hotel

Popular with the afternoon CBD office crowd, this is one of the nicer bars along the George Street strip. The decor is clean and slick, though with the high volume of traffic and general muck of the city within spitting distance, it may not always stay that way.

Downstairs has the sport-ready plasmas, tall wooden benches and a bar menu full of all the usual suspects - nachos, burgers, sausages and mash. Upstairs you'll find a cocktail lounge set-up with squishy low couchettes, ‘pleatherish' seats and softer lighting. It's generally a lot quieter upstairs and has its own bar. Later in the week you'll find the whole place heaving, particularly in the early evenings when it does a roaring trade just after clock-off time and before gigs at the Metro Theatre across the road. On weekends, the place has a completely different feel. You're far more likely to find impromptu punters and couples on dates looking for a more upmarket place to squirrel away a quick drink before moving on.

With the cinemas close by, it's well-placed to catch the overspill of the emptying theatres as well. Drinks-wise, there's local and imported beer, a short but reasonable wine menu and a cocktail list that is going for fast and fruity in all the colours of the rainbow.

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Venue name: Albion Place Hotel
Address: 531 George St
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10am-3am; Sun 10am-2am
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