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Alcohol-free gin cocktails
Photograph: Supplied/Gordon's

Five alcohol-free cocktails to add cheer to your winter

Warm up your winter with these easy cocktail recipes using Gordon's 0.0% Alcohol Free

By Time Out in association with Gordon's 0.0%

One of the world’s most well-loved gin labels has released an alcohol-free beverage that’s set to become a staple in forward-thinking home bars. Gordon’s 0.0% Alcohol Free is distilled using the same botanicals as Gordon’s London Dry Gin, resulting in that familiar bold, juniper-led character you know – just with no alcohol. Pour over ice, top up with tonic and serve with a wedge of lime for the perfect booze-free G&T, or have a crack at one of our winter warmer cocktails below.

For an even easier arvo fix, they’ve also released Gordon's Alcohol Free pre-mixed with tonic and a hint of lime.

Spiced Winter Gin and Tonic

A modern twist on an old favourite, the Spiced Winter Gin and Tonic is warming, fresh and will bring a little cheer to your winter lockdown.

60ml Gordon’s 0.0% Alcohol Free
60ml tonic water
15ml spiced simple syrup*
30ml orange juice
Rosemary, star anise to garnish

1. Combine Gordon's Alcohol Free, tonic water, spiced simple syrup, orange juice and a cup of ice into a mixing glass.

2. Stir gently to combine ingredients then strain into a wine glass with fresh ice. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a whole star anise.

*To make spiced simple syrup, bring 100g of caster sugar and 100ml water to a boil. Throw in 2 star anises, 5 cloves and a cinnamon stick and let it sit for around half an hour then strain. This will keep in the fridge for a week.

Gin Buck

The Gin Buck is essentially the granddaddy of a Moscow Mule, with its roots possibly in 1920s Rochester, NY (or 1890s Louisiana, or the 1900s as the Scotch Lassie – as is the case with many greats, its lineage is a bit murky). It couldn’t be simpler to make. The gentle spice of the ginger beer brings a welcome warmth to a winter’s night and goes so well with a streaming binge.

45ml Gordon’s 0.0% Alcohol Free
120ml ginger beer
1 lime wedge

1. Build the Gordon's Alcohol Free and ginger beer over ice in a tall glass.

2. Squeeze a lime wedge over the top and give a little stir. Hey, presto!

The Bees Knees(ish)

This super-traditional cocktail is livened up with some wintery spiced simple syrup and is best served with fuzzy pyjamas and a three-day growth. We love the sharp tartness of the lemon combined with festive spices and the slightly smoky flavour of honey.

50ml Gordon’s 0.0% Alcohol Free
20ml lemon juice
5ml honey
15ml spiced simple syrup
1 egg white
Lemon slice to garnish

1. Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and top with ice.

2. Give it a really good shake for around 30 seconds.

3. Double strain into a coupe glass and garnish with a single slice of lemon.

Rosemary and Apple Fizz

Our Rosemary and Apple Fizz brings a certain comforting element with woody and resonant herbaceousness as well as sour and sweet cloudy apple juice. Your weekly Facetime with the pares will always be a delight with this bad boy by your side.

60ml Gordon’s 0.0% Alcohol Free
120ml cloudy apple juice
60ml lemon juice
60ml soda water
1 rosemary sprig

1. Add Gordon's Alcohol Free, apple juice and lemon juice to a tall glass over ice.

2. Top with soda water and give a good stir with the rosemary sprig. Give the rosemary a slap between your palms to really bring out all its woody goodness.

The Golden Purl

Another excellent cold-weather cocktail, the Purl hails from the UK and has a long history (about 400 years of it!) and is traditionally made using warmed ale. Mix up a non-alcoholic version using sparkling apple cider and Gordon’s 0.0% Alcohol Free.

45ml Gordon’s 0.0% Alcohol Free
250ml sparkling apple cider
15ml maple syrup
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
Orange peel to garnish

1. In a saucepan, bring sparkling apple cider and maple syrup to a simmer.

2. Remove from heat and pour into a glass mug.

3. Add Gordon's Alcohol Free, top with bitters and garnish with an orange peel.

Find out more about getting the best of both worlds with Gordon’s 0.0% Alcohol Free.

Always remember to drink responsibly.

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