Jameson Caskmates at the Time Out Hop-up

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Jameson Caskmates
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Try Jameson’s limited edition, stout barrel-aged whiskey during Craft Beer Week

What do you get if you age whiskey in craft beer barrels? Jameson Caskmates teamed up with Young Henrys to find out. 

After the success of last year's venture, where Jameson's aged their whiskey in Irish stout barrels, producing a triple distilled dram with notes of cocoa, coffee and butterscotch from the stout. They've now partnered with local beer legends Young Henrys to take it to another level. First Young Henrys aged a cheeky Irish red ale in Jameson casks, before sending ten freshly soaked red ale barrels to Midleton in County Cork where they were re-filled with whiskey. The Jameson Caskmates Young Henrys Edition was born, with new notes of caramel, malt and subtle hops with a mild spiciness.

You can try the Jameson Caskmates stout-barrel aged whiskey every day of Craft Beer Week at Time Out’s Hop-Up. It's only six dollars for a nip of classic Jameson, the Caskmates edition or the Young Henrys edition, and you can also upgrade your craft beer of choice to a boilermaker for $10 a pop. 


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