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Regent Hotel

Time Out recalls a trip to the Regent some two or so years ago when we were attacked by O-Weekers. We were sitting at one of the main room’s dark wood tables, sipping on our James Squire golden ale, when the cymbal crashes that open Aviici’s ‘Levels’ rang out and we were suddenly surrounded by 80-odd 18 year olds. With our group at the eye of their flash-mob storm, they proceeded to perform a choreographed dance and shout, in unison: “Champagne showers”. We were terrified… and amused. So yes, the Regent is that kind of place. The Kingsford corner pub is one of the closest to UNSW and it shows: staff and customers skew young. And to be honest, that chance to relive your uni days is part of what makes this your best bet along the Kingsford-to-Kensington Anzac Parade strip. The pub itself is a bit of a rabbit warren: burrow left to a smoky outdoor courtyard (tiny); veer right to the main room with its pool tables and big screens for all your sport-watching needs; and push further back to order something from the bistro. It’s serving standard pub fare – hello pretty good chicken schnitty, g’day $18 T-bone – but with so many excellent Asian eats just outside, we’d say the “Reege”, as locals call it, is more for throwing ’em back. Bonus points for hiding the pokies room out of the way. And double bonus points for the jukebox. Grab it early, before those Avicii-loving youngsters get at it.

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By: Joel Meares


Venue name: Regent Hotel
Address: 418 Anzac Pde
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10am-4am; Fri & Sat 10am-6am; Sun 10am-10pm
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If you like loud, obnoxious, disrespectful uni crouds and waiting 10 minutes for a drink, this place is for you. A once thriving local scene of community regulars made this place an enjoyable social gathering. Then they pushed the local scene out in favour of a uni croud who arrive already intoxicated. Everynight seems to be dedicated to some uni hosted event. Thursday night karaoke has gone from an enjoyable night of socialising with my close friends to loud pushy crouds of disrespectful, seat stealing kids. Being told by the staff that we had to leave our table so they could make a dance floor for the students. After being a patron there for 9 years, my friends and i have become an inconvenience to drunk students who want to stand at the stage screaming to bohemian rhapsody!